Kingston’s 2TB DataTraveler Ultimate GT Is World’s Highest Capacity USB Flash Drive

( [email protected] ) Jan 04, 2017 08:02 PM EST
Kingston Digital ups the ante with a USB flash drive that will put many other portable hard drives to shame with its 2TB capacity.

Many of us own at least a one other portable hard drive to stash our favorite files, or even to archive our collection of photos that have been amassed over the years. Keeping track of such files can be a chore as your history expands, and over the course of time, a portable hard drive does not sound as if it is worth toting around considering its size and weight. Yes, many consumers are spoiled by the new advancements made through the wonders of miniaturization in technology. Kingston Digital might have achieved a very, very important breakthrough with their latest release -- a 2TB USB flash drive.

This 2TB USB flash drive is certainly no laughing matter. In fact, the sheer amount of storage space offered there does rival some of the other regular portable hard drives out there, and yet it comes in such a small form factor, you might say that this is the USB flash drive that will last you for life. Or perhaps for the next 10 years, depending on how fast technology progresses between now and then. Not only do you get 2TB of storage space on this USB flash drive, it will also sport USB 3.1 Gen 1 (USB 3.0) performance. That would be expected by many, taking into consideration how you would need plenty of time in order to transfer such a copious amount of data while you are on the move, and USB 2.0 is just not going to cut the mustard. .

Kingston Digital shared, “With the DataTraveler Ultimate GT, we empower users to increase their data storage mobility in a highly manageable form factor. This is a terrific follow up to our 1TB drive released in 2013 and by doubling the capacity, users can store and carry even larger amounts of data easily.”

Does this mean we ought to be able to look forward to a 4TB USB flash drive from Kingston by the time 2020 rolls around? One can only hope, and good luck organizing your plethora of files within the USB flash drive itself by then. Just what can 2TB of storage space offer, just in case your mind is still numbed by the figure? 2TB of space will be able to deliver up to 70 hours of 4K video, now how about that?

The DataTraveler Ultimate GT is also going to look pristine, arriving in a high-end design that is made of a zinc-alloy metal casing in order to offer a greater degree of shock resistance. The small form factor will also enable the tech enthusiast or professional user to have a stylish looking portable solution that would be the envy of their peers.

Each DataTraveler Ultimate GT will arrive in 1TB and 2TB capacities, with shipping set to commence in February 2017. You will also benefit from 5-year warranty, free technical support and of course, only the kind of reliability that Kingston can deliver. Pricing details have not been divulged just yet, but expect to pay through your nose for it. The Kingston DataTraveler HyperX Predator 1TB retails for a whopping $2,730 already on Amazon, and if you were to use that as a marker for a 2TB USB flash drive, you could most probably purchase a second hand vehicle with that.

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