Resident Evil 7 Latest News, Updates: 1080p Resolution And 60FPS On PS4 And Xbox One Confirmed

( [email protected] ) Jan 05, 2017 01:50 AM EST
Resident Evil 7 is the next instalment of the survival horror genre, and it has been confirmed to run in Full HD resolution at 60fps on the Sony PS4 and Xbox One.
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Are you a huge fan of the survival horror genre title known as Resident Evil? Capcom’s game franchise has certainly a long life, and having spawned a fair number of movies on the silver screen as well. Heck, it does seem to be the only video game-based movie that is a commercial success compared to the rest, and we think that this year’s Resident Evil movie is not going to be the last, either. The next instalment of the game franchise is known as Resident Evil 7, where it seems that it will arrive with Full HD resolution (1080p) while running at a smooth 60FPS on the Sony PS4 as well as Xbox One consoles.

Apparently, this confirmation was weeded out from an interview with GamingBolt, where Resident Evil 7’s producer, Masachika Kawata, mentioned that the game will “run at 60FPS and 1080p"on the Sony PS4 in addition to the Xbox One. Not only that, the good news does not simply stop there. It looks like the Xbox One Scorpio, Sony PS4 and Sony PS4 Pro will all boast of HDR support where Resident Evil 7 is concerned -- which is definitely good news for gamers who would settle for nothing less but the most crisp of visuals.

Masachika Kawata also did make mention of the newer consoles as opposed to the aging flagships, citing his belief that similar to the other new hardware that has been rolled out to the masses, both Sony and Microsoft have their work cut out for them. They will have to continue to work hard in order to earn the respect and loyalty of the fanbase where the PS4 Pro and Xbox One S are concerned. Perhaps working hard might not be that appropriate, taking into consideration how console gamers are pretty much limited in terms of choice when it boils down to which console to purchase, and not all console gamers are willing to make the jump to PC gaming if things start to turn sour.

Kawata also mentioned, "When it comes to new hardware, I think that the biggest takeaway is just making sure that it's not just one party that is excited about this product. It really has to be a mutual interest on both the manufactures side, publisher side, [and] consumer side." What do you think of such pearls of wisdom?

Apart from that, we also learned that Resident Evil 7’s files have been explored by hackers, and PlayStation Lifestyle reported that these files which hail from the game’s Steam demo did have a rather startling reveal which will concern the return of a character. To ensure that Resident Evil 7 remains fresh even a year after it has been released, information from the explored files by hackers also point to the possibility of downloadable content (DLC) being introduced into the franchise.

Neogaf also has data that claims a character with the name Albert might make an appearance in Resident Evil 7, and this leads to the question: Would this point to a certain Albert Wesker being resurrected? Some of the filenames that support this notion include HandGun_Albert_Reward, Shotgun_Albert, WeaponHandgunAlbertAppend, LastBossFinishGetGun, LastBossGetAlbert, AlbertInteract, AlbertGet, AlbertWeapon, AlbertDamageCount and isDamagedByAlbert.

At the end of the day, it is always better to take in all of this information with a grain of salt, at least until Capcom offers something that can be substantiated further on an official basis.

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