Mass Effect: Andromeda Gets March 21 Release Date, New In-Game Footage Shown At CES 2017

( [email protected] ) Jan 05, 2017 02:31 AM EST
March is going to be a very exciting month for video game lovers, as the Nintendo Switch console is set to be released then, and Mass Effect: Andromeda has been slated for a March 21 release date.
YouTube screengrab

So, you are a fan of Mass Effect. Chances are you went to bed with a nice, big smile on your face the night before. After all, we have received official word that Mass Effect: Andromeda has the concrete release date of March 21st attached to it. As though marking down that date on your calendar was not enough, developer BioWare revealed brand new footage of Mass Effect: Andromeda at NVIDIA’s CES 2017 show. In that particular in-game footage which you can see below, it showcases the player going up against the likes of monsters that are technologically aligned, sending out spouts of flame at their enemies, as well as being able to change their class type at any point in time. All of the excitement that built up is certainly worth drooling over, and it seems that March 21st cannot arrive fast enough.

In the limited airtime of the in-game footage, it did depict the player gaining levels in their skills, so that with upgraded abilities, one will be able to better fight such creatures. While not exactly a fire and brimstone scenario, at least a combination of fire and electricity do seem to be lethal enough to get the job done, stripping these aliens of their external protection which come in the guise of shields and armor.

Not only that, BioWare knows that true blue Mass Effect: Andromeda fans would not be happy looping the video time and again, which is why they have also made the decision to upload a bunch of screenshots that will whet our appetites further. In the additional screenshot releases, it showcases the armored aliens that do seem to be the Remnant faction that you are coming up against in the game.

Apart from that, the revealed images also do point to a better and closer look at the Tempest. The Tempest is not a testy hurricane, but rather, one of the ships that can be considered as your home in space, as it makes its way through the limitless expanse of space in search for new planets. You know that this is nothing but a recipe for disaster, as we have seen in most science fiction movies to date.

It does start to look as though the new Mass Effect would like to remove the action far away from our galaxy, and bring the mayhem over to neighboring galaxies. The different kinds of armor, weapons, and devices, including the Omni-tool that glows in a menacing orange, can be identified, although from a Star Wars like atmosphere, Mass Effect: Andromeda is said to make a shift towards Star Trek -- at least this is what BioWare is implying, citing that there will be an increased focus when it comes to the subject of exploration in the new game. Mass Effect: Andromeda intends to be fully undiscovered area where the likes of humans, asari, turians, and other races of the Milky Way have yet to fully venture and call it a space of their own. Through it all, be prepared to get engaged in skirmishes against the unknown locals who prefer to remain alone and undiscovered.

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