Mark Zuckerberg For President: Would You Vote For Him?

( [email protected] ) Jan 06, 2017 09:03 AM EST
The recent presidential elections showed that nothing is impossible, as now President-elect Donald Trump has paved the way to be one of the unlikeliest Presidents ever.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg laid out the plans of Facebook to address misinformation. This is after Zuckerberg responded to allegations that fake news on Facebook News Feed somehow influenced the outcome of the US Presidential Election. Alessio Jacona / Flickr

Who does not want to be the President of the United States of America? After all, this position has often been deemed to be the most powerful man in the world. Whenever there is a chance to gain power, most people would seize it with two hands, and then some. Donald Trump might not be anyone’s idea of a President maybe a decade ago, but all of that is going to change this coming January 20th. What about Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg? It has not escaped Mark Zuckerberg’s lips that he would like to be president one day, but that does not mean what is unspoken will not be realized.

However, we should all learn how to read between the lines. Mark himself does seem to have put his chess pieces in position as though he were about to run for office in the future. Do bear in mind that this does not mean everyone who does the same, too, would also be running for president. It might be a coincidence, although it should not be ruled out, either. On Tuesday earlier this week, Zuckerberg did resolve to travel across 30 states in the US, and hopes to have visited all 50 states before the year is over, meeting the lovely people that make up the US along the way. If this is to be seen through the eyes of a presidential candidate, then it might smell of campaigning.

It would be wise to take note that one swallow does not a season make, and so too, visiting all 50 states does not mean that Zuckerberg is going to campaign in the future. However, it was just on Christmas Day that Zuckerberg mentioned how he believes that religion is “very important”, which is a very different stance from what he had earlier on. Taking into consideration how no one at this point in time is going to be elected as president of the US without being religious at all in any way, is this another unspoken move?

Another interesting nugget is this -- by the time the next election arrives, Zuckerberg would have fulfilled the minimum age required to run for president, which is older than 35 years. In terms of running Facebook, he has the right to take a leave of absence from the company without relinquishing any of his voting control. In other words, if he ends up working for the government or heading it, Facebook can still run with him in the driver’s seat. Zuckerberg has also cut his teeth in the realm of public relations over the years, being the CEO of a powerful and influential technology company, and he does have that trustworthy look about him which is lacking in many politicians these days.

Motive is what drives every single one of us at the end of the day, and unless Zuckerberg himself steps forward to share his stance that he is simply touring all 50 states because he would like to get a bigger picture of the nation as a whole in order to improve Facebook and its services, and not because he is aiming to run for President in the future, there will always be speculation behind such moves. Still, this is wishful thinking for most, but we would never say never until an official statement of confirmation or denial arises.

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