Tesla’s Solar Roof Availability, Release Date 2017 and Cost

( [email protected] ) Jan 12, 2017 05:51 PM EST
Tesla is moving into the solar business with the solar roof being touted for a release some time in the middle of 2017.

Tesla does more than just sleek looking electric cars. The company’s CEO, Elon Musk, is a techno-preneur who has his fingers dipped into many different industries which will certainly shape the future. In fact, the solar business is another area where Musk has expressed his interest in, putting the money where his mouth is. Tesla has on the whole, spent nearly $2 billion where the solar business is concerned, and the solar roof is one of the pet projects in this particular investment. To be more exact, we are referring to roof shingles. Basically, these unique roof shingles would look just like any other ordinary roof, except that there are embedded solar cells which will allow it to generate power from the sun’s rays.

No doubt Musk himself is bubbling with excitement over this project, and he knows that he has the ability to redesign the world of solar products in order to make lives better, cleaner, and more efficient around the globe in the future. However, there are certainly challenges where the solar roof idea is concerned, since there has been naysayers about global warming as well as not having enough money pumped into research and development in this area. Musk is certainly optimistic about the idea of a solar roof, and he being a shrewd businessman as well, is more than happy to boast that the Tesla solar roof product will be more affordable than a standard roof. That is certainly very interesting to hear, as it signifies how cost might be the main barrier for homeowners to make the transition to that of a solar roof from a regular one.

After all, if Tesla’s solar roof is going to be the more affordable alternative, and yet offers far greater returns on investment such as saving a whole lot more in terms of your monthly energy bills, while doing your bit to keep the earth greener, why not? It is a no-brainer move to migrate to the Tesla solar roof compared to having a regular roof over your head. Perhaps the cost of maintenance and upkeep might be more in the long run for a Tesla solar roof compared to a regular one, but that is something that I am certain Musk or Tesla will address officially as part of their sales push. However, the Tesla solar roof idea will most probably be able to be implemented on a wide scale in new construction projects -- existing house owners are not too likely to re-roof their homes, as it would involve cost and time.

As to when the Tesla solar roof is going to roll out? We do not have the exact date, although it has been whispered that the middle of 2017 will be the most likely time when the Tesla solar roof is presented to the rest of the world as a viable, greener alternative. Pricing details also remain unknown as at press time, and we are keeping our fingers crossed that solar subsidies will gain more prominence among our lawmakers which would certainly give the idea of a solar roof a great boost.

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