LEGO Batman Movie Inspires Lifesized LEGO Batmobile

( [email protected] ) Jan 16, 2017 12:21 PM EST
The LEGO Batman Movie will most probably be a blockbuster on the silver screen, and it has already proved to be the inspiration for this LEGO Batmobile that took a whopping 1,833 hours to build.

Truth is said to be stranger than fiction at times, and that has been proven time and again. However, fiction has often proved to be the inspiration for some real-life projects, and this effort by Chevrolet to construct a Batmobile as inspired by the new LEGO Batman Movie is certainly commendable.

In fact, this particular Chevrolet LEGO Batmobile is impressive to say the least, making its debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit over the weekend. It certainly has a style that is affable when looked at. Unfortunately, just like the LEGO bricks that is made out of, the LEGO Batmobile will not be functional, so no crime-fighting sprees on this particular ride.

What about the specifics of this beast from Chevrolet? Well, it measures a whopping 17 feet in length, and is a wee bit under 7 feet high. The tires are certainly no laughing matter, tipping the scales at more than 100 pounds apiece. The entire shebang would weight a massive 1,695.5 pounds, which would make it one tonne. The entire interior frame comprises of 86 feet of square tube aluminum that contributes 282.5 pounds to the overall LEGO Batmobile weight, while the rest of it is attributed solely to the LEGO bricks used in its construction. .

The LEGO Master Builders in Enfield, Connecticut, were the ones behind this LEGO Batmobile. As usual, some trivia would come in handy for the future. The LEGO Batmobile required 344,187 bricks to construct, arriving in 17 different colors. It took more than 200 hours in order to design the entire LEGO Batmobile from ground up. Once the design has been firmed up and deemed certified to work, another 1,833 hours were required in the building phase.

According to the mock listing put up by Chevrolet, the LEGO Batmobile will come with integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, a crazy 20,000 horsepower rating thanks to the standard 60.2L V100 engine. A flaming rocket booster provides the unmistakable signature that this is Batman's ride, alongside fully articulating wheels that has helped Batman get out of a tight spot more than once in the past. Along with it comes an asking price of $48 million -- something only the likes of the fictional Bruce Wayne is able to afford. When required, one can also press a button and activate the monster truck mode and parallel park mode, and not forgetting the roof "ejection" function in times of emergencies.

We will just have to wait until February 10th rolls around for the LEGO Batman Movie to make its debut on the silver screen. Do expect Warner Bros. to go ahead with new promotions concerning the upcoming movie, and it does seem that this is going to be a fun ride. We do wonder whether there will be another catchy song title that will make us happy when we listen to it -- and being “cursed” with the fact that another catchy ditty is going to stick in our heads and minds for a long, long time to come.

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