GTA 5 Evolves With New Online Adversary Mode

( [email protected] ) Jan 19, 2017 12:50 AM EST
GTA Online experiences a new level of growth with Adversary mode and new rides.
Rockstar Games

Games need to evolve if they are to remain relevant among gamers in this day and age. Some publishers would work on sequels and subsequent titles under the same franchise, whereas the others might take a slightly different route. Rockstar Games is one of them with releases of new content through the form of DLCs (Downloadable Content) that are released from time to time. GTA 5 is such a title from Rockstar Games, selling well even though it has been three years after its release. Part of the reason behind GTA 5’s success would be the availability of different DLCs being released for the title from time to time, ensuring that gameplay remains fresh and relevant. In the latest DLC release, GTA Online continues on an upward trajectory of growth and evolution with a new online mode, among others.

With Rockstar Games’ solid support for this open world game, the newest mode for GTA Online will see the introduction of a brand new ride as well as additional weekly sales to keep gamers interested. The new mode is known as Collection Time. Collection Time happens to be an Adversary mode that allows teams which comprise of two to four players to fight against each other in order to steal and hold the highest number of points over a preset time period. Sort of like a modified version of Capture the Flag, if you will.

These Collection Time matches will kick off with players having a single point each, and the point is stored in a money bag. Whenever a player is killed, the bag will be dropped. This bag is then available for anyone to pick up (and the point(s) inside, too). The deal is simple -- at the end of a particular round, the team with the highest number of points or bags will win. Collection Time will see the issuing of up to seven new maps to help you get started. Apart from that, this particular mode will pay out twice the amount of GTA dollars sa well as RP, all the way from now until January 30.

As for the latest swanky GTA Online car that gamers will be able to enjoy, it would be the Dewbauchee Spectre. The Dewbauchee Spectre arrives in the form of a two-door coupe that is best known as being a "lightweight, super-customizable beast." Also, from now until January 30, Benny’s, the in-game car shop, will have a special discount of 25% when it comes to applicable upgrades which can be used on the new ride -- or on other rides, too. There is also the "Executive Upgrade" which enables one to customize one’s ride from within the personal garage at a discount as well.

To sweeten the deal even further, Rockstar Games will offer twice the amount of GTA$ and RP when it comes to GTA Online Biker Clubhouse Contracts as well as Special Vehicle Work. This particular offer, too, is good all the way from now until January 30. The 25% discount will apply to the following items: Benny's Upgrades, Executive Garage Renovations, Executive Custom Auto Shop Renovations, Biker Business Properties, and All Import/Export Tattoos.

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