Grand Theft Auto Player Comes Up With A $1 Million Car

( [email protected] ) Jan 29, 2017 07:39 PM EST
In order to obtain justice against trolls, this Grand Theft Auto player decided to build a car that costs $1 million (in in-game currency, of course).
In order to obtain justice against trolls, this Grand Theft Auto player decided to build a car that costs $1 million (in in-game currency, of course). Aaron Reynolds/Twitter

It does not really matter where you are in this world, really. As long as there is more than one person around, you can be sure that the potential for conflict is there. We who have lived long enough know this through the numerous wars over the centuries, and married couples can also tell you that it is no walk in the park in order to maintain a loving relationship. Hence, when you have a world without boundaries thanks to the Internet, the chances of arguments sparking off is way too easy. The virtual world of online video games is one such example -- as there are always others hanging around who find joy in ruining the fun in the game for others. These are classified as “trolls”, and one particular Grand Theft Auto V player decided that enough is enough, resulting in a way to obtain some payback in the literal sense.

Aaron Reynolds is the genius in question, using the game’s system to go one up on trolls. He is, after all, sick and tired of other players causing his cars to blow up in Grand Theft Auto V's online multiplayer mode. Reynolds decided to put a stop to this and actually souped up his virtual ride in such a manner that it costs more than $1 million in-game. From there, he decided to insure it. This means anyone who is cheeky enough to destroy his car will not get off scot-free, but rather, will end up having to pay him a very, very high insurance premium along the way. This will negatively affect their wallets in the process for sure! Revenge is surely sweet when this unique situation is taken into consideration.

Reynold’s bright idea has been named as “Operation: One Million Dollar Car” (or O1MDC when abbreviated). Basically, players who find sadistic fun in blowing up insured cars will have to pay approximately 1.25% of their worth as a premium in order to replace them. Hence, it makes sense to have a car that is so expensive that it hurts each time it is blown up. Aggressive trolls would soon learn through the payment of insurance premiums that it is simply not worth it, and would have to slink back to their caves or target other far cheaper rides.

Knowing that the game will be up among the trolls in no time at all, Reynolds decided that having just a single car was not enough -- he then proceeded to build a second one. This second ride will obviously be a pain to the trolls’ wallets as much as the first ride. Calling it the Gurntmobile 2, it did not take long for the new ride to be targeted. Of course, Reynolds was the one having the last laugh, as those who decided to blow up the Gurntmobile 2 also suffered from the same monetarily-painful state.

Eventually, the trolls got so upset, they decided to group outside his in-game house and obviously a firefight ensued -- and we are pretty confident that there was at least one casualty. Pretty unique way of getting people out of your hair, right?

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