Grand Theft Auto V Open IV Liberty City Mod Screenshots Spotted

( [email protected] ) Jan 29, 2017 07:42 PM EST
New screenshots of the Grand Theft Auto V Open IV Liberty City Mod have been spotted
New screenshots of the Grand Theft Auto V Open IV Liberty City Mod have been spotted OpenIV

If there is one thing that we absolutely love about modern day computer games, it would be the passion that the game’s community showcases. Avid gamers would no doubt do their level best to send their feedback to the game developers in order to share how they would like the game’s future patches or mods (if any) are able to improve the gaming experience. Having released the game’s code would also help boost the entire title on the whole. Take a look at Doom’s modding community all those years ago and you will know what I mean. When it comes to the Grand Theft Auto universe, it seems that modding team OpenIV have begun to work on a rather large scale and ambitious Grand Theft Auto V mod. This particular mod would see the exact replication (or at the very least, the best effort to do so) of Grand Theft Auto IV’s Liberty City, except that it will all run on the Grand Theft Auto V engine -- with all of its bells and whistles, of course.

However, the development of this new Grand Theft Auto V Open IV Liberty City mod is far from being the finished article, but this does not mean that the team is unable to showcase any screenshots of their work. Some progress has been made, of course, in order to let the general masses keep track of the development effort.

The new Grand Theft Auto V Liberty City mod screenshots are certainly worth checking out, as you can see a sample here. Taking into consideration that they these screenshots hail from the alpha version, it would be interesting to see what the final version would really look like. We do expect it to be more polished in nature, for sure. It would be like a remake of an old movie. Imagine if Star Wars IV could be remade with new actors, actresses and CGI that the modern day cinematic wizards are able to conjure up, it would be a visual feast for sure. Hence, we do look forward to a rather faithful rendition of one of the most important cities that has ever graced the Grand Theft Auto universe.

Taking into consideration that the OpenIV team does not have the rights to distribute Liberty City and call it their very own work, players who would want to enjoy this particular mod when it arrives will still need to own a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV before they are able to explore Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto V. One ought to also take into consideration the size of Liberty City, and hence this mod will arrive in the form of an automatic convertor which will transform Liberty City from your copy of Grand Theft Auto IV into your copy of Grand Theft Auto V. Pretty neat trick, don’t you think so?

Gamers will need to download and install convertor tool before that, in addition to selected assets for the conversion process to run smoothly. We do look forward for any updated news on the situation.

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