PS4 Update 4.50: External HDD Support Now Available, Custom Wallpapers, Quick Menu Refresh

( [email protected] ) Feb 03, 2017 03:13 PM EST
PS4 owners can look forward to update 4.50 aka Sasuke for their consoles which will allow one to plug in an external hard drive, among others.
Fancy plugging in an external USB 3.0 hard drive into your PS4 to boost up the storage space by another 8TB? That is now possible with update 4.50. Sony

Own a Sony PS4? Well, if you think that the PS4 has long reached the peak of its performance and capabilities, you are dead wrong. Sony has just issued the PS4 update 4.50, also known as Sasuke for those who prefer to work with codenames, and some of the new features that update 4.50 comes with are certainly interesting. For instance, update 4.50 will not only make the Notifications list simpler, it will also deliver custom wallpapers and external HDD support.

External HDD Support
Update 4.50 for the Sony PS4 makes plugging in an external HDD the simplest of affairs with true plug-and-play capability this time around. All that you have to do is to hook up a USB 3.0 hard drive into the PS4, and you end up with instant extra space on the console, no questions asked. As for those of us who are wondering how much more additional space will it be able to support, we are looking at external hard drives of up to 8TB in size -- which is basically a whole lot of storage space no matter how you look at it. Having so much extra space to use is always a joy, allowing you to download and install applications right there and then, not to mention making it a snap to manage saved contents via the settings menu. In addition, all applications that have been saved in the external HDD will show up in the Content Launcher of the Home Screen for easy accessibility and maintenance.

Custom Wallpapers
We all love customizing our stuff, as we would like to be different from everyone else. Most people have customized wallpapers on their smartphones and computers, so why not the console? Update 4.50 will deliver the ability to use your favored in-game screenshot as a custom wallpaper for the PS4’s home screen. You can also have drop-shadows on text alongside the option to dim the Function Area, ensuring that all system icons and texts on the home screen are legible and clear enough to see regardless of how bright the background image is. Alternatively, you are able to edit screenshots with the Photo Mode in Sharefactory for a truly customized wallpaper.

Quick Menu Refresh
The previous system update saw an overhaul in the PS4 Quick Menu feature, and update 4.50 would carry its fair share of improvements for a greater degree of accessibility. Quick Menu will now take up less space on the gameplay screen, and one can also gain direct access to Party features through Online Friends. This clearly makes it easier to access the menu rather than distract you from the game. .

Simplified Notification List
All tabs in the Notifications app will now be condensed, rolled into a solitary, simplified list that makes it a snap to check out all notifications with but a single glance.

3D Blu-rays on PlayStation VR
3D movie fans who also own the PlayStation VR will be thrilled with update 4.50 since you can now watch your 3D movies in stereoscopic 3D straight on the PS VR headset. Sure, it might sound selfish without having to share this viewing experience with anyone else, but it is definitely more than welcome.

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