Legendary Actor Chuck Norris Goes to Israel in Surprise Visit, Sparks Curiosity

The actor’s sudden appearance in the country left many people wondering why he was in Israel. Did he come to single-handedly defeat the enemies of Israel once and for all?
Actor and martial artist Chuck Norris went on an unannounced visit to Israel over the weekend. Facebook/Chuck Norris

Actor and martial artist Chuck Norris went to Israel over the weekend in an unannounced visit, sparking curiosity as to the nature of his visit.

Social media was abuzz about the legendary actor’s presence in the country when former foreign ministry director-general Dore Gold tweeted a photo of him and Norris at a restaurant in Herzliya, a city at the Northern part of Tel Aviv.

“A break from Middle East tensions. Dinner in #Herzliya with @ChuckNorris,” Gold tweeted.

Gold, who heads the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, is a known close adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The actor’s sudden appearance in the country left many people wondering, “What was Chuck Norris doing in Israel?”

Did he come to single-handedly defeat the enemies of Israel once and for all? Did he meet with Gold to discuss plans on how he would strike them all down in a day and restore peace to the Holy Land?

Riding on the popular memes surrounding the actor, who had the ability to wipe out his foes without any help—in his movies, at least—Norris’ fans played with the most creative ideas as to what he was doing in Israel.

“Breaking news … Chuck Norris lands in Israel … PLO retreats into Mediterranean Sea,” one person commented on Facebook.

“Chuck Norris will catch any rocket fired into Israel with his bare hands,” another one said.

“There will be peace, because Chuck Norris decided there should be peace. Don’t make him part the Red Sea or cut off the air in Palestine!!!” still another commented.

But seriously, why was Chuck Norris in Israel?

Nobody knows for sure, but the low-profile visit included a trip to the Western Wall where he spent some time to pray. Norris, together with his wife Gena, were also given an “intimate tour” of the Western Wall Tunnel, according to Ynet News.

On a post to Facebook, Norris said he and his wife had been traveling and went to visit some friends for a few days.

“My wife Gena and I, have been traveling the past several days. We were able to spend some time in Israel with friends. God bless,” he wrote.

Norris is known to be a supporter of Netanyahu, having endorsed him in both the 2013 and 2015 Knesset elections.

“You have an incredible country, and we want to keep it that way. That’s why it’s so important to keep a leader that has the courage and vision to stand up against the evil forces that are threatening not only Israel, but the United States,” he said in his endorsement of Netanyahu for reelection in 2015.

He also filmed three of his movies in Israel, including ‘Delta Force.’

Norris is also a known supporter of U.S. Pres. Donald Trump, having spoken out on various occasions in support of his candidacy before the 2016 election.

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