Pokemon GO Valentine’s Day Event Features Chansey, Porygon Spawn Locations

( [email protected] ) Feb 15, 2017 09:56 AM EST
Pokemon GO continues its relentless march this Valentine's Day with more perks for trainers, including the reveal of spawn locations for Chansey, Porygon and other pink Pokemon.
Spend your Valentine's Day with a special Pokemon GO event that will include the spawn locations for pink Pokemon revealed. Pokemon GO

How has your Valentine’s Day been? If you are a huge Pokemon GO fan, chances are you have had a field time the past few days enjoying the Pokemon GO Valentine’s Day event, which will incidentally run out tomorrow. Well, it is a fact that certain Pokemon are more popular than the others, and Porygon and Chansey are certainly not crowd favorites by any means. Well, this Valentine’s Day event has changed such conceptions, where it would be a wee bit easier to pick up either one of these Pokemon for perhaps a limited time only.

Otakukart claims that New York City is seeing an invasion of Porygon in Pokemon GO, but huge snowstorms there are making it very, very difficult (or downright nuts if some were to have their say in the matter) when it comes to catching this type of Pokemon. However, there is an upside to it all -- it seems that Porygon can also be found in many other places, such as Minneapolis to boot. It has also been reported that Porygon has been seen abroad -- and the more faraway places include Madrid in Spain as well as London in the UK. How’s that for a global Pokemon GO in-game event? Pretty cool, don’t you think so? Apart from that, there are also sightings of Porygon in Seattle, Washington for a more local flavor.

As for Chansey, how difficult is it to hunt down this particular Pokemon? While the chances of it actually spawning in New York City is said to be far less, it has also appeared in certain areas. It has been reliably reported that Chansey has also been spotted in other Pokemon GO locations including Davis, CA. Obviously, news like this tends to travel quickly, making its way to other forum sites like Reddit and the ilk.

Many do see this as the right time to actually come up with strong gyms in order to prepare for battles in the near future. Places that traditionally have not seen the spawning of Chansey have been enhanced, perhaps due to the fact that Chansey is pink in color, which is in line with the overall Valentine’s Day event theme in Pokemon GO.

Apart from that, many people do think that Niantic has quietly increased the number spawn locations of the game, which is a good thing for all trainers. Of course, this might be just attributed to the game’s Valentine's Day event that will end tomorrow, but we are not ruling out the very real possibility that Niantic might just make these spawning locations permanent. After all, whispers have also made their rounds that steel-type Pokemon have also increased in the number of places where they have appeared, and this is certainly a good thing for Pokemon GO trainers everywhere.

We can only sit back and wait to see whether the increased number of spawn locations might be permanent once the Valentine’s Day event comes to a close by the time February 16 rolls around. Where else have you found other spawn locations?

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