‘Longmire Season 6 Release Date: Filming Kicks Off in March 2017 With 10 Episodes In Total

( [email protected] ) Feb 17, 2017 11:01 AM EST
For those who have been waiting a long, long time for the next season of Longmire, fret not -- filming for Season 6 is about to kick off this March 2017.
For those who have been waiting a long, long time for the next season of Longmire, fret not -- filming for Season 6 is about to kick off this March 2017. Screenshot from trailer of ''Longmire'' season 4. YouTube / Netflix U.S. & Canada

News has been going around concerning the Longmire series, where Season 6 is all set to be kicked off. It’s filming, that is. Well, we have ears on the ground that point to Longmire Season 6 kicking off its filming some time in March this year, and this would be the final season of the Longmire series. As for the total number of episodes, it certainly looks as though Longmire Season 6 will last for 10 episodes in total. Not only that, fans of the Longmire series would also be pleased to hear that actress Katee Sackhoff has stepped forward, revealing that the upcoming sixth season will certainly be an epic one.

As for the network that will air Longmire Season 6, we are looking at Netflix. It is certainly going to be a total delight for fans of the series, as the end of the crime thriller series is about to have its curtain all. Netflix will ensure that enough funds will be made available for all 10 episodes of the series, and hopefully whatever actress Katee Sackhoff has mentioned about it being epic will turn out to be true.

Kate Sackhoff will step into the role of Victoria Moretti on Longmire, where she tweeted that she has already made mention to the producer concerning the last season. Carter Matt has used the word “epic”, which is why it has filtered down to the masses. There are times when I think that the use of the word “epic” is certainly overrated, just like how “awesome” is freely thrown about these days to describe even some of the more mundane things. Sackhoff is also very excited that she simply cannot wait for filming to begin this March. Lou Diamond Phillips is Sackhoff’s co-star, and Phillips also did share some news on social media concerning Season 6, pointing out that filming for Season 6 will kick off sometime next month.

Assuming that is the case, Longmire Season 6 can be expected to make its premiere some time in late summer or perhaps in early fall. Longmire was not always a Netflix franchise, but rather, it aired on A&E earlier on for the first three seasons. However, after the Season 3 finale, the network decided to call it off. Fans of the Longmire series were certainly heartbroken by the situation, and they were all up in arms, asking for a renewal. Thankfully, Netflix stepped forward and rescued the situation to bail fans out.

Executive producers Greer Shephard, John Coveny and Hunt Baldwin of Longmire are certainly grateful to Netflix for what they have done, and with this, Longmire Season 6 is happening. Thanks to Netflix, we are able to have the closing chapter of Longmire Season 6 for all long suffering fans. At least there is a conclusion to the entire series, and many viewers will be able to check out the ending to Walt’s long journey at the end of it all. Will there be a cliffhanger in the final episode that points to a possible Season 7? We can only keep our fingers crossed.

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