Evangelist Dr. Alveda King: Roe dies; First Lady prays; Evangelist Dreams

( [email protected] ) Feb 20, 2017 01:36 PM EST
Dr. Alveda King weighs in on the death of Norma McCorvey, Melanie Trump's prayer, and the lessons she's learned this week.
Dr. Alveda King is an author, minister and Fox News contributor AP photo

On February 18, my friend and sister Norma [Roe No More] McCorvey passed away. Norma was a valiant voice for justice in the anti-abortion war. We will miss her. Pray for her family and loved ones. Read a statement from her family HERE.

While dreaming that morning, I heard this: "Your daddy's a grouch." While opening my eyes, I either thought or replied: "Nope. My Daddy [FATHER GOD] is a King!"

I didn't know that as the day progressed I would hear the news of Norma's poignant death or receive a text about First Lady Melania Trump's tender rendition of "The Lord's Prayer" at a rally for her husband President Donald Trump at his U.S. Tour rally in Florida that day.

y dream was a confirmation of the sovereignty of God. However, sometimes grumpy, self righteous and merciless judgment creeps into the hearts of God's children. When this happens, since we say we are like our Father, it's easy for others to think our Father is a grouch when we act this way.

Earlier last week I had turned on the TV to national news before I read my Bible verses for the day. Usually I try not to do this because I need daily heavenly fortification to help me face the problems of the world. However, that morning I overrode my daily regimen:

"Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don't get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes." - Matthew 6:34 MSG

While standing before the television as I flipped back and forth among the programming, President Trump was being hammered by hostile media. As he described how he was still draining the swamp while bringing new jobs back into America, I began to cheer him on; hoping that he would also speak of his reversing tax payers' funding to abortion providers outside of America as well as the appointments of Dr. Ben Carson to HUD and a prolife Supreme Court Justice.

Meanwhile, I was in danger of putting my confidence in President Trump rather than God. Realizing that I was slipping towards emotional reactions, I came to my senses, turned off the television and began to pray:

"The first thing I want you to do is pray. Pray every way you know how, for everyone you know... for rulers and their governments to rule well so we can be quietly about our business of living simply, in [peace]." - 1 Timothy 2:1-3 MSG

Thursday had been a media day for me, filled with interview responses to my blogs and media appearances regarding race baiting, Bible baiting and sexism; and not enough time praying and meditating in the presence of God.

All of the hoopla over myrecent interviews had begun to subside as I released a blog that said that race baiting, Bible baiting and sexism across the aisles must cease.

On Thursday I texted some fellow prayer warriors: "VERY intense warfare. Heart was getting heavy. On a call right now about exposing spiritual darkness and averting disaster."

Friday morning soon after turning away from the TV, I joined a conference call where a report of a "Trump Resistance Movement" was discussed. We wondered if the "Resistance" really understands that their movement is fueled and funded by those who support abortion, anarchy and the like? Do they seriously want to resist restoring jobs from overseas, restoration of our inner cities, putting Americans back to work? Are they seriously resisting ending racism, reproductive genocide, sexual perversion, and global terror?

On that phone conference call I shared a word from our "prayer warriors" camp:

"Praying to circumvent the demonic structures and infrastructures and traps. Guidance by Holy Spirit. Political correctness is serious witchcraft (mind control). Don't ask God to show up. He is waiting for us to show up. [to wake up, get up and get busy]"

I was reminded of many lessons last week:

Don't turn on the TV before prayer and Bible reading [and coffee maybe].
Turn off the TV [and radio and social media and human conversation] and pray when your emotions get ahead of your spirit.
Pray with encouraging partners who can uplift with unbiased input.
Avoid all strife. Love and forgive. Seek highest ground of Agape Love as well as nonviolent conflict resolution.
Spend quality time with God. Pray without filtering the Bible or making God's Word a "have it your way" buffet.

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