Motorola: 12 MotoMods Guaranteed For 2017

( [email protected] ) Feb 23, 2017 06:01 AM EST
Motorola has certainly upped the ante when it comes to providing new Moto Mods for its smartphone users. Their latest promise? At least 12 MotoMods are coming your way for the year 2017.
Motorola has promised that there will be no less than 12 MotoMods released this year. Are you excited? Motorola

Owning a smartphone is not something to be seen as a luxury, but rather, a necessity in this day and age. With that, smartphone accessories are definitely worth looking into, especially when it makes the entire smartphone ownership experience a whole lot more fun and interesting. Motorola and their collection of Moto smartphones have been given the chance to enjoy what is known as MotoMods, which are add-ons and accessories which are worth having for an enhanced user experience.

At the end of 2016, Motorola did share on their vision in offering up to four new MotoMods every quarter for the Moto Z range of smartphones, in addition to whatever new handsets that will be released in the future. With four quarters to each year, putting two and two together would see a total of 16 MotoMods in all. However, Motorola has promised that there will be a minimum of 12 MotoMods launched in 2017, which should be more than enough to keep Motorola Moto Z smartphone fans happy.

This particular announcement was made known when Motorola experienced a brand re-launch over in Pakistan. However, despite sharing that good news, Motorola still remained silent on the kind of details that make up what these MotoMods will be able to offer, although it would be rather unwise to rule out the non-involvement of winners of the Motorola’s IndieGoGo contest.

Apart from that, our ears on the ground have also heard on how Motorola intends to keep the idea of the MotoMod going for the next three years at the bare minimum. This is certainly an ambitious timeframe, taking into consideration how the folks over at LG of South Korea did not really make it big with the modular options provided for the 2016 flagship, the LG G5. There was not much uptake when it came to the LG G5 and its modular ideas.

Having at least a three year scale for the presence and support of MotoMods in the industry is always a welcome thing. After all, no one would like to invest potentially up to hundreds of dollars or local currency only to find these accessories end up as obsolete the moment the smartphone is upgraded to the next generation device. Will MotoMods be a staple feature in due time? That question remains to be answered in a conclusive manner. After all, it is rather difficult to tell as to where the industry is headed, and consumers do turn out to be a rather fickle lot at times.

We might also see the shift of the front-facing camera arriving in the form of dual cameras, something that is normally done only for high end devices with brand names such as Apple, Huawei and LG. However, Meitu recently revealed the Meitu T8 that sports a pair of 12MP front-facing cameras, claiming to offer DSLR quality selfies in the process. How will the MotoMod revolution tackle such advancements remain to be seen. Would the promised support of MotoMods for the next three years at the very minimum sway your future smartphone purchase decision?

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