Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Latest Updates & Leaks: Specs, Features, Price and Release Date

( [email protected] ) Feb 23, 2017 12:42 PM EST
Read all about the new Microsoft Surface Pro 5, including its purported specifications, features, and price.
The Surface Pro 4 from Microsoft that you see here is a lean, mean machine, but will the upcoming Surface Pro 5 be able to out-impress it when it arrives? Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is going to be the next tablet from the software company, and it looks set to be a premium device just like its predecessor. There has been a couple of leaks out already, where they originated from LinkedIn. It certainly has made fans all worked up at what is set to arrive in the future. Of course, the release date of the Surface Pro 5 remains unknown as at press time.

New Surface Pro 5 leaks
There are two leaks that surround the upcoming Surface Pro 5. The first of the two hails from French Press Hub, where it has laid down the marker for the release date of the upcoming tablet. This particular organization has introduced a trending image that points to the most recent photo of the Surface Pro 5, and it has been given the moniker "win10-feature-surface-pro-5-z". However, those who are in the know claim that this particular name has the additional “z” inside, which would be a typo.

It seems that this specific name is part of the effort to let the whole world know that the Surface Pro 5 from Microsoft will ship with Windows 10 in tow as its operating system. Not only that, this particular rumor has also gained additional traction from a different LinkedIn leak, where that image looks far more clear compared to the very first one.

As for the second link, that can be found from the profile of a certain Toby Fitch. As a product designer who works on products like HoloLens and the Xbox -- which are both from Microsoft. As for Fitch’s most recent foray, that would be the yet unreleased Surface Pro 5. This particular leak was used to inform the masses that Fitch is a contractor Product Designer 2 at Microsoft. He was also working alongside the Analog Speech Design Team from June of last year until January this year. Fitch did describe the job with the team as one that is "focused on R&D and creating new speech models with multidisciplinary design approach for devices of the future including but not limited to Xbox, HoloLens and Surface Pro 5."

Trusted Reviews claim that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 has so many rumors surrounding its hardware, it is starting to become difficult in filtering out which is correct and which is simply untrue. Word on the street has it that the Surface Pro 5 will come with a 4K display and runs on an Intel Kaby Lake processor. Apart from that, it will also be accompanied by a kickstand, a keyboard base, a USB-C port, wireless recharging capability, and a Surface Pen stylus that make up the bulk of this high end tablet.

Surface Pro 5 price and release date
What would the final sticker price be for the Surface Pro 5? It would not be too far out to make a guesstimate that we are looking at a price point of £700 to £1,000 -- which would be in the region of $900 thereabouts all the way to $1,300. While there is no confirmation for its release date just yet, the two leaks are more than enough to help Microsoft Surface Pro 5 stalkers keep themselves occupied and buzzing before it finally hits the market. However, Digitimes did cite a March 2017 release date which would be just next month.

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