Xbox Live Games With Gold March 2017 Games List Revealed: Borderlands 2, Evolve, Heavy Weapon, Layers Of Fear

( [email protected] ) Feb 25, 2017 06:18 PM EST
Here is the list of confirmed games that will be released for Xbox Live Games with Gold subscribers for the month of March.
Evolve is one of the free titles that will arrive as part of March's Xbox Live Games with Gold YouTube screengrab

The month of March will soon be upon us, and the list of free games made available with your Xbox Live Games with Gold subscription has been revealed. The four titles that will be made free for everyone who has a subscription to download and play are as follows (in no particular order of importance or availability): Borderlands 2, Evolve, Heavy Weapon, and Layers Of Fear.

Borderlands 2

Many people would have heard of the popular first-person shooter/role-playing game hybrid Borderlands 2. After all, it has built a reputation for itself, being humorous in nature while boasting of plenty of in-game items that folks love -- guns especially. Borderlands 2 is not the newest game on the block, and its age certainly shows, having rolled out in 2012, but you can more or less qualify this as an Xbox classic already. Just in case you missed out on Borderlands 2 before, it is free for download from March 1 to 15.

Evolve: Ultimate Edition

Evolve: Ultimate Edition happens to be a version of the 2015 multiplayer game, and the suffix “Ultimate Edition” points to the inclusion of all its downloadable content. Evolve will see you play the role of four hunters going into battle against one humongous monster. This is very different from a competitive multiplayer title, since only one player will have to work solo, while the remaining quartet function as a team. Evolve: Ultimate Edition will be available for a free download from March 16 to April 15.

Layers of Fear

Layers of Fear comes across as a first-person horror game that will see you play the role of a disturbed painter. The main focus? A whole lot of puzzle-solving and exploration, making me think back of the good old days where Infogrames’ Alone in the Dark was a hit on the PC. Out in February last year, Layers of Fear is available for a free download from March 1 to March 31.

Heavy Weapon

Here is a little something to keep you occupied from March 16 to March 31 -- Heavy Weapon. It is light in nature, being an arcade-style shoot-em up which will allow you to control a tank while boasting of tons of firepower. Everyone loves to blow things up, and to do so in a relatively safe environment within the confines of a video game is something worth giving a shot.

Right now, Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold membership program boasts of a whopping 55 million subscribers. It basically provides you with four free games each month. Now these games have all been released already, and some of them might even be a few years old and you do not have a say in what particular title you would like to see released. However, the sense of surprise could be part of the whole package. It makes more sense to fork out $60 for an annual subscription to Xbox Live Gold compared to the $10 monthly fee. Two of the games released will be for the Xbox One, while the other two would be for the Xbox 360. It is thus a no-brainer that Xbox One owners will walk away with more benefits since Backwards Compatibility allows them to enjoy Xbox 360 titles as well.

How do you find Xbox Live Games with Gold March 2017’s offerings?

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