WWE 2K17 Jerry Lawler Commentary Issues And Bugs

( [email protected] ) Feb 28, 2017 10:48 PM EST
It seems that not all is right with the Jerry Lawler commentary in WWE 2K17, and hopefully it will be fixed sooner rather than later so as not to detract from the game's enjoyment.
We are keeping our fingers crossed that it will be fixed sooner rather than later. Twitter

A truly great game is an amalgamation of three different aspects: the gripping story which will keep the gamer glued to find out what’s coming up next, the amazing visuals that draws the gamer into the game’s universe, and of course, sound effects and perhaps commentary, that will do its level best to reflect the reality of the situation. The WWE series on consoles have certainly upped the ante in terms of realism with each new release as a video game, boasting of updated rosters and storylines that reflect what has been going on in the real world, but there are occasions for mistakes as well. Case in point, glaring issues in WWE 2K17 that see Jerry Lawler making a mockery of his commentary.

It must be noted that there is some downloadable content for WWE 2K17 that was made available to gamers earlier last week, which will see the Hall of Fame Showcase mode. In this Hall of Fame Showcase mode, there are matches which can be enjoyed by gamers of today that will see the clock turned back in time -- including a ‘dream match' that saw the Godfather go up against Papa Shango. These two identities are actually the same person, portrayed by wrestler Charles Wright over the years in sports entertainment.

Unfortunately, the developers of WWE 2K17 must have had an oversight in the sound department where that match is concerned. If you were to fire up that match, some issues arise from Jerry Lawler's commentary that will have the die hard fan shake his or her head in disappointment. As he makes mention about the Godfather's past accomplishments, he made a mistake, stopping halfway, before re-taking it. Such a glaring mistake has no doubt been found out by fans of the game, as the developers of WWE 2K17 apparently did not do anything about it. The example is shown in the tweet below.

We do wonder whether this is a product that has been rushed to the market, or has it been left in there on purpose. Whatever the case is, I am quite sure that purists of the game would like to see such an obvious mistake rectified in future updates of WWE 2K17. It does not make sense at all for an audio mistake like this to remain there as an Easter Egg of sorts. Surely making edits to the sound file would not take too much time at all, and here we are keeping our fingers crossed that the next update will arrive sooner rather than later to fix this Jerry Lawler commentary issue.

Mistakes like these can be easily overlooked, but this is one of the rare instances when it stands out like a sore thumb. You do not see such commentators fluff their lines when it comes to other sports games, such as NBA 2K17 as well as NFL 2K17, FIFA 2017, and the ilk. Ah well, hopefully developers of games will be more careful in the future, and at the very least, this is one flaw or issue that does not crash the game.

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