Nintendo Switch Controllers Play Nice With The NES Classic

( [email protected] ) Mar 09, 2017 06:14 AM EST
Talk about bringing the old and new generations together -- the 8-bit NES Classic Edition will play nice with the latest generation Nintendo Switch's controllers.
Bridging the gap of generations with the Nintendo Switch controller on the NES Classic Edition. 8Bitdo

So you managed to get yourself one of those fancy looking NES Classic Editions that are so difficult to find, that people are willing to pay more than twice the price to purchase it from another third party? Who would have thought that technology that is essentially more than 30 years old remains relevant in this day and age? What makes it more interesting is the fact that the latest JoyCon or Pro Controller on the new Nintendo Switch will be able to play nice with the NES Classic Edition as long as there is a wireless NES adapter in the vicinity. This would let you play NES games of yore with the Switch’s Pro Controller or JoyCon in the event where you are one wireless controller short.

With both the NES Classic and the recently launched Nintendo Switch being equally difficult to find stock of in stores as well as via online sources, this mash up or compatibility of hardware for two very different consoles will definitely bring about even more interest for those who would like to experiment with the idea. It is in fact a novelty that is worth toying with, even for the fun factor alone. All that you need is just the particular wireless NES adapter to get the job done.

The Retro Receiver from 8Bitdo will retail for approximately $16 over on Amazon, and it will work well with not only the Nintendo Switch Pro controller or JoyCons, but also a gamut of other consoles’ controllers such as those from the PS4 and PS3 controllers, Wii remotes or Wii U Pro controllers. This is made possible thanks to the latest firmware update from 8Bitdo that brings JoyCon and the Switch Pro Controller compatibility to the picture.

The firmware update can be installed through a download on the PC or Mac, and setting it up is a snap -- all that you have to do is to hook it via the included USB-to-micro-USB dongle into the wireless receiver. Obviously, the JoyCon and Switch Pro controllers are far more expensive compared to the regular wireless NES Classic Edition controller, but for the sake of experimentation, if you happen to own a JoyCon around, then it would make plenty of sense.

Do not be intimidated when it comes to setting up the 8Bitdo with your NES Classic Edition, as it is pretty easy, actually. All that you need to do is to download the firmware update, plug in the Retro Receiver into the computer, and proceed with the installation process. Once that is completed, all that is left for you to do is to press and hold the small pairing button that is located on the receiver the moment it is plugged into the NES Classic Edition. Press and hold the pair button on a Joy-Con on a Switch Pro controller, and you are good to go. Talk about bridging two very different generations of consoles with a simple and highly affordable device! Just make sure that you are comfortable enough with the JoyCon or Pro controller to enjoy those 8-bit classics.

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