Google Nexus 6P Receives Android March Security Update

( [email protected] ) Mar 11, 2017 07:00 PM EST
The Android March Security Update now arrives on the Nexus 6P, making your smartphone experience a whole lot more secure.
Android 7.0 updates are available for the Nexus 6P. XXxWikipedianxXx/ Wikipedia

The Nexus 6P has not been a very happy camper when it comes to having the latest Android Nougat update installed. So far, we have seen issues such as random shutdowns, in-car Bluetooth problems, and battery failures -- which are strange, taking into consideration that the Nexus 6P is considered to be a “pure” Android device that was commissioned by Google to Huawei to manufacture. Well, the latest Android March Security Update is now available for the Nexus 6P, which is something that we would like to see run without any glitches whatsoever after installation.

Google first started to introduce the Android March Security Update to its range of Nexus and Pixel smartphones earlier this month, where the flagship models, the Pixel and Pixel XL, picked up this Android March Security Update simultaneously. However, the same cannot be said for the Nexus range. While the Nexus 5X did pick up the update, the Nexus 6P has still remained stuck on an older version. One can now heave a sigh of relief that all Nexus 6P devices will be picking up the Android March Security Update some time later this week.

Do take note that the Nexus 6P Android March Security Update will be introduced via the OTA (over the air) method, and it ought to arrive in the form of the “N4F26T” build number. There are more than 60 security issues that are fixed in this particular patch, but do not be taken aback by it since the entire update weighs a mere 39MB, which makes it easily downloadable, even making use of your smartphone’s data plan should not cause too much of a dent to the monthly quota.

Perhaps the reason why Google has not decided to introduce the Android March Security Update simultaneously across all devices that qualify for it is due to the fact that Google wants to perform a staggered roll out. Doing so in a systematic manner would mean that a mere 10,000 Nexus 6P smartphones will pick up this Android March Security Update daily -- and all of it will be performed at random. In other words, it is the throw of the dice that will determine whether you will pick up the Android March Security Update earlier than your mates who are rocking to the Nexus 6P.

Vodafone is first off the blocks in introducing the Android March Security Update for the Nexus 6P. However, if you are using the Nexus 6P while being subscribed to other mobile carriers, then just be patient, and you too, ought to pick up the update -- sooner or later.

Out of the 60 or so security threats that have been fixed, the majority of them are pretty minor. However, Google has stepped forward to confirmed that one of them happens to be a major threat, where hackers were able to remotely access Android-powered smartphones via the MMS, email and web browsing platform. Well, at least this particular threat has been neutralized with the latest update, and no one has reportedly been affected by this particular issue as at press time, which should provide some level of comfort.

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