Dove Channel to Launch First-Ever Family-Friendly Talk Show 'Frankly Faraci' (Interview)

( [email protected] ) Mar 16, 2017 04:19 PM EDT
"Frankly Faraci," an inspirational new Dove Channel show, premieres March 21 - and promises to uplift and entertain audiences of all ages.
Frankly Faraci is available exclusively on Dove Channel, and can be viewed across a broad spectrum of connected devices including Roku® Players and Roku TV™ models, Android and iOS, AppleTV, LeEco smart phones and TVs, the web, and other mobile and tablet devices. Frankly Faraci

"Frankly Faraci," an inspirational new Dove Channel show, premieres March 21 - and promises to uplift and entertain audiences of all ages.

Hosted by Matthew Faraci, a journalist with an extensive background in politics and entertainment, "Frankly Faraci" provides viewers with a closer look at well-known figures in entertainment, music, sports, business, and politics who are doing good things in the world - and are driven to do so by their faith.

"I want viewers to feel uplifted, excited and inspired," Faraci told The Gospel Herald of the upcoming show. "I want it to prompt conversations within families after they watch each episode, and I hope it sparks something in young people and it changes the trajectory of their life and launches them on their own journey. If I can inspire just one young person with this show, I would feel incredibly blessed."

The first episode of "Frankly Faraci" focuses the popular group The Piano Guys and will be available on platforms like Roku and Amazon Prime. Other guests featured on season one include comedy group Studio C, Youtube sensations Daniel and Lincoln Markham of What's (In)side?, former NFL Linebacker Bryan Schwartz and his wife Diane, founders of #FamilyGoals, Hip-hop Artist Propaganda, and more.

A husband and father of four young children, Faraci said he struggled to find entertainment he felt was suitable for his family. The idea for "Frankly Faraci," he said, was in many ways crafted out of this frustration.

"We've created a show that our family wanted to see, and we think others will, too," he explained. "We're not the only people out there looking for this kind of content. And, there's an authenticity to that, because the whole idea of the show is that I want people to feel like they're right there with me in the interview and that they're getting to know people just as I am."

While "Frankly Faraci" primarily targets the faith community, Faraci, who is the president of Inspire Buzz, a marketing agency promoting family-friendly entertainment to the values audience, said he believes it will resonate with non-Christians looking for wholesome entertainment, as well. He hopes that, through his show, he is able to dispel some of the negative stereotypes associated with Christianity.

"There's this perception that Christians are judgmental, angry, holier than thou, and finger wagging," he said. "I want non-Christian viewers to see that these people are amazing and fun and cool and the kind of people that they'd want to hang out with."

At a time when our Google, Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds are crowded with negativity, Faraci wants to encourage viewers that good does still exist - and remind them that God can use anyone that's willing to be part of His plan.

"This show has an unhidden agenda," he said. "We want to push back against all of the negativity and push positivity and put a smile on the face of our viewers. I hope families tune in, and I want kids to know that the sky's the limit, and give them great role models to look up to. That's really the heart of what we're trying to do."

"Frankly Faraci" is produced by Cinedigm, a major Hollywood distribution company, and fans are encouraged to make suggestions for guests they'd like to see on future episodes using the show's Facebook page.

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