Nintendo Switch Is A Future Pokemon Platform, Based On Game Freak's Latest Recruitment Drive

( [email protected] ) Mar 20, 2017 10:09 PM EDT
Will the Nintendo Switch feature a Pokemon game in the future? It sure looks like it, based on the latest round of hiring by Game Freak.
The Nintendo Switch, a new gaming device, is seen in this undated image released by Nintendo October 21, 2016. Nintendo/Handout via REUTERS

Pokemon is a huge franchise, there are no two ways about it. In fact, it has lived on many iterations for decades -- first appearing on the Game Boy and continues to be a huge money printing machine for Nintendo. Pokemon GO, the Augmented Reality (AR) game which appeared on smartphones last year while becoming a huge hit, has continued the Pokemon dominance in the mobile arena. Well, this time around Pokemon developer Game Freak’s latest pair of job listings point to the possibility of a Pokemon title making its way onto the Nintendo Switch.

The two job listings are looking for people who are able to fill in the shoes in positions to work on an unannounced console project. With Pokemon being Game Freak’s most famous product, it does make the most sense to think of them looking into the possibility of developing a Pokemon title on the Nintendo Switch as well. This particular listing did state in specific terms that they are looking for people who are interested to develop a title of a “globally popular RPG” which “just about anyone knows”. If that is not Pokemon, what else would it be? Surely not Metal Gear Solid as that does not jive at all.

In any case, why not just confirm right from the get go that there will be a new Pokemon title that is being worked on for the Nintendo Switch? Maybe Game Freak does not want to let the cat out of the bag just yet, but by mentioning so, they are not doing themselves any favors at all since the description is far from cryptic, and everyone is able to figure it out on their own juts like that.

The first Game Freak job listing points to a search for 3D CG designers in order to create “cartoon-like super deformed characters, monsters, and item models”, apart from the regular “chores” such as debugging and handling data. This particular applicant would need to have experience in animation as well as the Maya modeling software. ‘Deformed characters’, it says? Telling enough, isn’t it?

As for the second job listing, it is looking for people who had experience in working with the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo Switch. Now, the Nintendo Switch was just released earlier this month, and while it has its fair share of growing pains, it needs quality titles to keep the console going and to maintain its insane sales figures in the first few weeks of release. With Pokemon being a great handheld title, sporting touchscreen components as well, it would not be out of place at all to see Pokemon take to the Nintendo Switch like a duck to water.

The big question now is, just how will the new Pokemon title play out on the Nintendo Switch? Will it see more game time as a portable game more than having one sit in front of the TV in the living room? Only time will be able to tell, but we do hope to see an official confirmation make its way real soon.

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