Google Maps Update: Knows Where You Last Parked, Figures Out Weather

( [email protected] ) Mar 22, 2017 10:16 PM EDT
Google Maps is a pretty useful tool when it comes to getting around, even more so in unfamiliar places. Version 9.49 beta will now come with a manual parking location tracker and weather indicator for mass transit navigation, among others.
Forgot where you last parked? Google Maps version 9.49 will be able to save your last parked location Google Play Store

Have you used Google Maps before? Sure you have. I would be hard pressed to hunt down someone who has not yet made use of Google Maps at least once in their lives. This is more or less an essential tool to own on any smartphone that is worth its salt, to say the least. We are glad to bring you word that Google Maps has just been updated, bringing it to version 9.49 beta. With this new update, you can be sure that Google Maps is made more useful than ever before. For starters, it is able to save your parking location manually, making it easier to find your way back to your vehicle, in addition to providing weather predictions for where you are headed to as navigation is being set up, among others.

Saving your parking location
Being able to save your parking location is definitely heaven sent. This new update will offer a finely tuned system that intends to detect accurately where you parked. It is helpful, but should not be relied upon all the time. At least this version comes with a feature that will allow you to save your parking location so that you can look for your ride later on after your shopping without getting lost.

Even better yet, there is also the ability to add notes -- which will most probably be short anecdotes on the parking floor or lot numbers. You can even set a time limit, in order to have Google Maps alert you when the designated time is about to be up, so that you can return to the nearest parking meter and insert some more coins in order to prevent getting fined.

One particular note though: This might be a very good idea in the US, where car parks tend to be a vast area which remains in the open (or shaded, depending on the situation) Other countries that are starved of space would have to work around with multi-storey carparks, or carparks that go deep down into the basement. In such instances, it would be pretty much impossible for Google Maps to know where you parked exactly for the simple reason that it is hard for GPS signals to penetrate through all those tons of concrete. Hence, those who are stuck with multi-storey or basement carparks would do well to stick to the old standby, that is, taking photos of the nearest car park pillar.

Weather when it comes to mass transit navigation
Getting on the train for your daily commute might be boring, and over the years, you would know about the seasons and its respective weather patterns. Google Maps v9.49 is also more aware, showing you a new weather indicator as you prepare to make your way to your destination. This weather indicator seems to pop up only when you are planning out a trip that uses mass transit, which means you would be better prepared as to bring along an umbrella -- or not.

Android Auto gets updated arrival screen
Android Auto users out there -- you are still being remembered. This update will offer a new arrival screen to those who have already have it up and running. The new arrival screen does seem to pay homage to the updated version that accompanied version 9.45 which was rolled out in early February, featuring other metadata such as trip duration, distance, and average speed, all decked out in a single row. All in all, it is best to sit tight and wait for Google Maps v9.49 to hit your smartphone.

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