Destiny 2 Poster Leaked, September 8 Release Date

( [email protected] ) Mar 23, 2017 05:59 PM EDT
The retail Destiny 2 poster has already leaked out, pointing to the game’s release that is slated for September 8.
It looks like Destiny 2 is set for a release this September 8, 2017 -- in Italy at the bare minimum, although it is most probably a worldwide release date. Imgur

Have you played Destiny before? If you have, certainly you would be looking forward to the sequel that is known as Destiny 2. It could not be any more simpler, and it looks like more details concerning Destiny 2 has just been revealed, thanks to the leak of not one, but two different images of the retail Destiny 2 poster. This leaked Destiny 2 retail poster points to a September 8 release date, which is less than 6 months from now.

Interestingly enough of note, these two different posters did make an appearance while sporting text in a different language: Italian. Won’t it be cool if you were slurping down some spaghetti and meatballs while reading this? On the leaked poster, it featured a trio of Guardians that are located right beside a Destiny 2 logo. One particular image already made an appearance on the Italian gaming website known as Lega, while the other ‘debuted’ on Imgur.

It is more or less accepted that the Destiny 2 game is all set to be released this year by various sources. The most recent confirmation of this was confirmed in an Activision quarterly earnings call, and the poster happens to be the closest that we have come to have concerning an exact release date, as opposed to earlier speculations of a release some time later this fall. Of course, it is imperative to note that the date outed in this Italian poster might differ from that of a worldwide launch. However, considering how Destiny 2 is a game that boasts of a global server structure, to have a different release date from the rest of the world does not quite add up as well.

Here is another interesting piece of trivia for all those who are looking forward to a Destiny 2 release -- the original game, Destiny, made its way into the market on September 9, 2014. This was followed by Destiny: The Taken King which saw a worldwide release on September 15, 2015; whereas Destiny: Rise of Iron made its debut around the world on September 20, 2016. Hence, to see the much hyped Destiny 2 make its mark worldwide this September 8, 2017, would certainly not be out of place at all.

After all, one particular Twitter user had already mentioned that those who are rocking to Sony PS4s in their living rooms might be able to pick up the beta earlier than others, based on the corner of the leaked poster. This would jive with the original Destiny beta that hit the PS4 seven days earlier back in 2014.

We can only keep our fingers crossed that all will be well with Destiny 2’s release in due time. After all, there is almost certain to be a fantastic cast of memorable characters in addition to a cinematic storyline that will hopefully keep the existing fanbase happy, not to mention draw in a new generation of Destiny 2 fans. With it headed in the direction of additional international markets, the future looks bright for Destiny 2 this September.

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