PS Plus: Free April 2017 Games

( [email protected] ) Mar 29, 2017 06:55 PM EDT
What does April bode for PlayStation Plus subscribers? Something good, we reckon. Read on to find out what are some of the free titles made available for next month where PlayStation Plus subscribers are concerned.
Drawn to Death is one of the free titles available for PlayStation Plus subscribers for the month of April Sony

What is in store this spring for PlayStation Plus subscribers? Basically, if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you would be able to enjoy free games each month that have been assigned at random (or through some sort of consensus, no one really knows how Sony comes up with the free games lineup each month) for a myriad of PlayStation consoles, with the PS4 being the main beneficiary although the PS Vita and previous generation PS3 do have some goodies in store as well. Needless to say, it would pay the greatest dividends if you were to settle for the Sony PS4 as your primary console of choice with a PlayStation Plus subscription. Without much further ado, let us take a look at what April 2017 has in store for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Drawn To Death is one of the epic titles that will be launching for PS Plus this April. Drawn To Death is a game from the acclaimed developer David Jaffe, where it will offer a vastly different challenge to the shooter genre by delivering unconventional gameplay mechanics which ensure a third-person shooter/brawler is brought to life. Drawn To Death is a unique game in a sense that the “battleground” is found within the pages of a high school kid’s notebook, and hand-drawn characters as well as levels will in effect, come to life.

Apart from that, co-op title Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a game that you might also want to check out. After all, it would be free, so why not give it a go? This particular game will require you to pilot a neon battleship as you make your way through a colorful galaxy. It can be a solo adventure if that is your cup of tea, or you can choose to team up in a co-op manner with up to three other gamers. Via teamwork, you can then defeat the evil forces of Anti-Love, and in due process perform rescue operations for kidnapped space-bunnies, all the while making sure that you do not end up dying in the cold vastness of space. This title can also be played online via PS4’s Share Play feature with others, just in case you didn’t know.

There are also two titles made available for those who have not quite decided to make the jump to the PS4 just yet -- and they are Invizimals: the Lost Kingdom and Alien Rage – Extended Edition. Of course, PS4 owners are still able to play these two games thanks to the backwards compatibility feature, and another two titles on the handheld PS Vita that can be found this April are 10 Second Ninja and Curses ‘n Chaos, with both of these being available for crossbuy on PS4.

What do you think of April’s lineup for PlayStation Plus subscribers? Interestingly enough, the Xbox One picked up Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime just a couple of months back. Well, the Metacritic scores for Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, 10 Second Ninja and Curses’ n Chaos stand at 84, 76, and 70, respectively, which are certainly more than decent.

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