Heroes Of The Storm 2.0 Update Brings External Progression Systems To A Whole New Level

( [email protected] ) Mar 30, 2017 02:32 PM EDT
Blizzard has introduced the 2.0 update for Heroes of the Storm that will see it affect external progression systems far more than the matches themselves.
External progression systems are the ones that will be most affected with the new update from Blizzard. Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard has just introduced update 2.0 for its hit game, Heroes of the Storm. The thing is, when you get an update 2.0, most of the time we would think of it as receiving a significant overhaul from underneath the hood, right? In other words, we ought to be able to see a slew of new content that includes new characters, better game mechanics, perhaps a whole new way of playing the game. However, Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm’s 2.0 update takes the road less traveled, since it will place more focus on the external progression systems as opposed to delivering significant changes to Heroes of the Storm matches themselves.

For those who would like to see new characters introduced with Heroes of the Storm’s 2.0 update, fret not. There will be characters such as Cassia from Diablo 2 that will make a debut, so all is not lost yet, so to speak. The new update will focus far more on the likes of loot crates, crafting systems, and new leveling methods which will be affected by the amount of time spent with individual Heroes to a player’s overall level.

According to Heroes of the Storm game director Alan Dabri, this is due to Blizzard taking an alternative viewpoint to a new update. Blizzard sees update 2.0 as a milestone for the hard work that the company has put into its regular updates ever since the game came along, and realized that one successful method of ensuring how a well crafted MOBA will continue to live on is through its progression system that continues where outside individual matches are concerned.

It can be said that the arrival of loot crates and a revamped leveling system could not be better timed, since such crates are located at various milestones in the game as a form of a reward. Hearthstone and Overwatch have been recent examples of how such a crafting system will benefit the game, so to see it adapted in a way that caters to the MOBA format is certainly commendable.

Loot chests carry purchasable heroes as well as the different custom skins, in addition to currency and resources which can be used to craft individual items that players would like to own. There will be a randomness modifier attached to these loot chests so that the chance of duplicates happening is minimized, while a reroll mechanic is thrown into the mix when for players to re-open unfavorable loot crates.

Not only that, update 2.0 for Heroes of the Storm will also see the game’s level curve make some adjustments. This means using less time for more experienced players to level up. It would come as a relief to many who have invested hours on the higher levels to find that their progress has been painfully slow. This system will also help address the perennial question for such game forms, “Why should I keep on playing?” If you are an avid Heroes of the Storm player, what do you think of the changes introduced in update 2.0?

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