Xbox One Receives Beam Streaming, Intuitive Guide, New Features With Latest Gaming Updates

( [email protected] ) Mar 31, 2017 09:16 AM EDT
The Xbox One does far more than just play games, and the latest update continues to help Microsoft push it right smack into the center of your home's entertainment core.
The Xbox One is now more versatile than ever before with the latest software update. Microsoft

If there is one thing great about modern day hardware, it would be the introduction of software or firmware updates. These not only lend a new lease of life to the hardware, it also helps to augment the capability of the hardware to boot. As for the Xbox One, it has been around for a fair number of years right now, and it does not look as though it is about to go out of fashion anytime soon. The latest update for the Xbox One brings with it some really interesting implications and features, it will make streaming your Xbox gameplay a whole lot more easier.

Through the update of the navigation of the Xbox console via the latest Guide, Microsoft’s plan of placing features and experiences that gamers like continues to move onward. It does not matter whether you are a PC gamer, or are simply someone who loves to create and play, the new Xbox Live features that are being introduced will certainly tickle your fancy -- or two.

Home gets updated
It looks like Home is going to get an update, and the new look for Home on Xbox One is something that most people might want to check out. The specific changes have been made accordingly in order to simplify the user interface while increasing the overall level of system performance. Microsoft has managed to optimize the Xbox One further for speed, and are working to prioritize the most valuable content where games are concerned. With the updated Home, gamers can check out a smaller icon for the game alongside options that will allow one to dive deeper into the community surrounding the game, not to mention being able to interact with your Club or to hunt down Looking for Group posts, checking out the Achievements, among others.

Guide is faster and more intuitive
Apart from that, Guide has also been updated. All that it takes is a single press of the Xbox button on the controller, and you can then gain access to the enhanced Guide as an overlay that is located on the left side of the screen. It does not matter what you are doing at the moment, the new Guide experience will place both features and functionality which are most frequently used right smack at your fingertips. The first page of the Guide intends to present all of the content that you would spend the most time with: and chances are, this will include the Games and Apps, Home, Store, recently launched applications, the latest Games and Deals with Gold for Xbox Live Gold members, as well as the top Pins.

Beam on Xbox One Guide
It is now possible to make the Xbox One more accessible to the masses -- where the brand new Copilot feature will let a couple of controllers function as though they were one. This would ensure that the Xbox One ends up as more inviting to gamers who can gain more when it comes to playing alongside another gamer, and families will also feel more involved, too. This is a perfect example to see how a hive mind works, especially in families where telepathy seems to be a given.

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