Netflix Offline Viewing Arrives On Windows 10 Devices: PCs And Tablet Owners, Rejoice!

( [email protected] ) Apr 05, 2017 11:13 AM EDT
Want to view your Netflix shows even when there is no Internet connection on your Windows 10 device? Offline viewing is now made available by the folks over at Netflix.
Windows 10 is now on parity with iOS and Android versions of Netflix thanks to the introduction of the offline viewing feature. Windows Blog Italia

We live in a world where mobile connectivity is more and more important, and many of us are already used to the idea of a very fast Internet connection -- even when we are on the move. This has led the streaming industry to grow by leaps and bounds, as the world gets used to the idea of having “on demand” movies and videos. What happens when there is no decent connectivity at where you are located? This is where offline viewing comes in handy, and Netflix has now introduced Offline Viewing for Windows 10 devices -- which will include desktops and tablets, of course.

Better late than never, as offline viewing had already arrived on the iOS and Android platforms at the end of 2016, so it is now Windows’ turn to be able to enjoy such capability. This feature would exclude Windows 10 mobile devices, so do take note that your Windows 10-powered smartphone is going to be exempted. The updated Windows 10 application will be able to showcase the subset of the Netflix catalog which can subsequently be downloaded to the PC or tablet computer so that it can be viewed even when there is no available network connection, now how about that for convenience?

There did not seem to be any kind of official fanfare or large scale announcement concerning offline viewing for Netflix on Windows 10 PCs and tablet devices, but it has been confirmed. According to a Netflix spokesperson, “Today, the Netflix app will support the downloading feature on Windows 10 laptops and tablets. We are constantly exploring new ways to make this feature available to more members and make it easier for more people to enjoy Netflix on the go.”

Limited offline viewing availability
Taking the same few pages out of the books of its offline viewing launch on iOS and Android mobile devices, this particular feature will not be made freely available across the board of millions of Netflix titles, simply because of the complexity of rights issues involved. Rather, offline viewing will be restricted to a bunch of Netflix Originals as well as curated licensed content.

Do not be disheartened upon hearing this news, however, as Netflix themselves do carry a massive selection of their very own programming, so you will be spoilt for choice. There are plenty of shows as well as TV specials that will qualify for offline viewing, where among them include popular programs that just about everyone would have heard of such as Stranger Things, House of Cards, Orange Is the New Black, Narcos, The Crown, Bloodline, and Sense8, among others. Want some live stand-up comedy specials? Those would also qualify, and for folks who prefer to learn of new things every single day, there are always documentaries that you can stash away on your Windows 10 tablet device for easy viewing on the plane later on.

No platform will have an advantage in terms of the offline viewing catalog, so there would be no bragging rights among iOS, Android or Windows 10 users to be had here. In order to obtain offline viewing content, just tap the “Down” arrow that is seen next to a qualified show, and you are good to go. Alternatively, you can opt to do so via a new section in the app, “Available for Download,” which is accessible through the menu. From there, check out a different “My Downloads” tab that will allow you to manage such content.

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