Xbox One Scorpio Pre-Orders Available From Amazon

( [email protected] ) Apr 06, 2017 04:52 PM EDT
The Xbox One Scorpio is being prepared for an announcement, but did you know that you can already place a pre-order for it?
Latest update on Xbox Scorpio

Amazon is proud to announce that they are making available pre-orders of the Xbox One Scorpio, which is Microsoft’s next generation console. Right now, the Xbox One Scorpio has been listed as “Currently unavailable” for obvious reasons, but it will arrive in time for the 2017 holiday season -- which would mean a mad scramble for the console prior to the Christmas release date, assuming it hits all the right notes at an expected announcement which will be made later today.

Basically, one cannot perform a pre-order of the Xbox One Scorpio at the moment, as Amazon will instead send an email over to you as and when the Xbox One Scorpio becomes available. In other words, until there is physical stock available that Amazon is sure that they can get their hands on, just wait patiently for the email before making any other arrangements. It might still be a long way away, so you might want to keep a constant lookout in your inbox so that you do not miss the crucial pre-order email from Amazon.

All Xbox One Scorpio pre-orders are most probably going to sell out quickly, as with any other new console that hits the market. The newly launched Nintendo Switch is a prime example of such a train of thought -- and it does set up industry watchers and console fans alike for a showdown that they would most probably love to see. The video game landscape is going to change once again with the next generation Xbox One Scorpio arriving, especially with the Nintendo Switch in the mix alongside the Playstation 4 Pro that is another highly rated product. The Xbox One Scorpio is touted to arrive with 6 teraflops of processing power, and is said to be carrying approximately the equivalent power of a modern PC. Not only that, majority of the hardware on the Xbox One Scorpio is touted to be better than what the PlayStation 4 Pro offers.

It remains to be seen as to how Sony is going to hit back when the Xbox One Scorpio arrives on the market, taking into consideration how the Playstation 4 Pro has not had the best of performance benchmarks when it comes to games. Well, we are also gearing up for the purported April 6 announcement of the Xbox One Scorpio, so it would be interesting to see what further details concerning this next generation console that will be revealed.

Just what kind of details or other information concerning the Xbox One Scorpio that would tickle our ears? So far, there is no hard data to guarantee that the Xbox One Scorpio will be able to be a better performer than the Playstation 4 Pro, but hope springs eternal. If word trickles out that the Xbox One Scorpio will eventually pick up the slack in terms of performance between the two, then chances are its pre-orders are going to be filled up -- and fast.

Just how much money are you comfortable with when it comes to picking up the Xbox One Scorpio?

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