Overwatch 'King's Row Uprising' Trailer Leak Reveals Brand New Skins That Set The Pulse Racing Before April 12

( [email protected] ) Apr 11, 2017 02:10 PM EDT
Was the latest Overwatch leak that features 'King Row Uprising' done on purpose or was it by accident? Either way, it reveals the best looking skins yet, and then some.
Fatale - La Griffe was one of the skins shown in the latest Overwatch 'King Row Uprising' leak Blizzard Entertainment

There is an Overwatch event that will be kicking off this April 12 as we mentioned earlier, but is that everything that we know about it before the day arrives? Apparently not, as Blizzard has come up with another leak in the form of the Overwatch 'King’s Row Uprising' trailer. This latest trailer that has been leaked out has showcased the best skins that our eyeballs have seen to date.

The trailer is in French though, for all that it is worth, and it has made its way onto the Internet -- for better or for worse, that is. We still cannot ascertain as to whether this particular trailer leak was done on purpose, knowing that it is going to capture plenty of attention along the way, or it simply was uploaded by accident -- either way, there has been a whole lot of online conversations that kicked off because of the trailer leak.

The featured mode does seem to throw a slew of Omnics into King’s Row, and players will band together in order to ward them off through some kind of PvE (Player vs Enemy) activity. Unfortunately, there is very little detail concerning the specifics of the format, but we are more than confident that the smart money would be on this April 12’s Overwatch event which should reveal all.

Not only that, this particular leaked trailer does showcase some skins for characters that are simply drop dead gorgeous -- or must have’s, if you will. So far, some of the skins for the characters in the leaked trailer have been impressive, to say the least. The original leak did showcase some Overwatch skins for the likes of Tracer, Reinhardt, Torbjorn and Mercy, but this time around, there is the pre-purple Widowmaker, among others, that are sure to set pulses racing.

The remainder of the trailer points to numerous other skins as well as sprays, among others. In other words, the April 12 event is going to be rather massive -- although one does wonder whether the scale of the event is going to be smaller compared to Christmas or the more recent Chinese New Year event. However, there is a gut feeling that this is one of the first few “original” events that could run on a similar scale.

Overwatch has been noted to be a cash cow for Blizzard for a while now, and it makes sense for Blizzard to concentrate on keeping the momentum going with Overwatch, especially since Hearthstone has started to slip down the rungs in terms of bringing home the bacon. Well, Blizzard’s expertise, apart from coming up with some really brilliant games with fantastic cut scenes, would be to come up with content that are deemed to be essential, despite being optional in essence.

The YouTube versions of the trailers continue to be taken down, presumably due to copyright rules and such, so you might want to catch it here from a more permanent place.

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