NES Classic Edition Scarcity Continues

( [email protected] ) Apr 11, 2017 02:03 PM EDT
If you would like to snag yourself a NES Classic Edition, be prepared to pay through the nose due to its extremely limited availability.
A Target spokesperson said that they will be restocking NES Classic Edition console between Tuesday and Thursday. GameStop will also be selling the console early this week on a first-come first-served basis. More than 1,000 Best Buy stores across the US are also selling limited quantities of the mini NES. Nintendo via YouTube

The NES Classic Edition might contain hardware that was the bomb more than three decades ago, and yet it continues to sell out like hot cakes with the extremely limited stock released to the market until today. It has been a few months since the NES Classic Edition made its debut, and the demand for this little self-contained console that could continues to remain extremely high. In fact, it has proven itself to be one of the most elusive of all game consoles in the market to find, even more scarce than the recently launched Nintendo Switch.

Those who would like to pick up a NES Classic Edition are now able to do so on Amazon via a third party reseller, and of course, capitalism dictates that extremely limited availability of an item, accompanied by high demand, would often result in a price that is abnormally higher than usual. Willing buyer, willing seller syndrome.

What was $60 is now going for $180
Are you willing to fork out triple the price for the NES Classic Edition? That is what some people are willing to shell out apparently, otherwise we would not have seen the $60 NES Classic Edition being listed on Amazon for the likes of $171.95. It is currently being offered at that price point by retailer WorldWide Distributors and fulfilled by Amazon

According to Nintendo, they are doing their utmost best in terms of manufacturing so that demand can be fulfilled in all of the major gaming markets. Unfortunately, it does not look as though Nintendo has been able to meet demand by tweaking its manufacturing process. Perhaps they need a real life Mario to check out where the ‘bottleneck’ is in the ‘plumbing’ department of manufacturing. It is comforting to know that major retailers who receive new stock of the NES Classic Edition from Nintendo have managed to maintain the recommended retail price of $60, but chances are whoever is lucky enough to pick up a unit (or a few) from their stores will resell those for at least double the price point in the third party market.

In other words, genuine customers are stuck in a difficult place. If you feel that you really, really need a NES Classic Edition, then be prepared to pay through your nose for it. Otherwise, it is always a case of luck as you continue to have your local stores keep you updated on any kind of incoming stock and keep your fingers crossed that you can get there before anyone else in the neighborhood does.

Just how much are you willing to fork out for a NES Classic Edition? We believe that when the holiday season arrives, and there is still plenty of buzz and interest surrounding the 8-bit NES Classic Edition, the price might even surge to quadruple of what it should cost. Now that is certainly a scary thought, especially when you consider how it comes with a set of pre-loaded games, 8-bit graphics with HDMI capability and a relatively short, tethered controller. Talk about being fantastic nostalgia marketers!

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