iPod Touch 2017: 7th Generation to Feature Dual Camera, Touch ID

( [email protected] ) Apr 11, 2017 02:04 PM EDT
Apr 11, 2017 - Will the 7th generation iPod touch ever hit the market? If it does, it would not be strange to see some iPhone features make its way onto this portable media player.
Will the 7th generation iPod touch ever hit the market? If it does, it would not be strange to see some iPhone features make its way onto this portable media player.

The iPod touch is long overdue for a refresh, although there are certain quarters out there who figure out that there is no need for a 7th generation iPod touch for one simple reason: everything an iPod touch can do, the iPhone can, and much more, too. Having said that, would developing markets have the need for a 7th generation?

Taking into consideration how Apple required three years between the 5th generation and the 6th generation of iPod touch model, it is not surprising that we have yet to hear any concrete news that the 7th generation is in the pipeline. With the 6th generation arriving last year, chances are the 7th generation model will not arrive so soon -- if ever. However, what kind of new features that one will be able to find on the 7th generation?

We would most probably find castaway or stable features on the iPhone that would make its way to any upcoming model of the iPod touch, that is for sure. After all, this has been the modus operandi that Apple has taken all this while, such as the iPhone 5’s performance capabilities arriving on the iPod touch 6th generation, alongside the Apple A8 chip that was the heart and soul of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Let us explore some possibilities of what the iPod touch 7th generation will arrive with.

Apple Pay app support
Cashless transactions are the future, and Apple Pay app certainly has a huge role to play considering the many millions of iDevices that are in the market at the moment. It would not be too far-fetched to hear that Apple will also incorporate Apple Pay app support into the iPod touch 2017. After all, the iPod touch already supports the Wallet facility that will be able to stash away your precious credit card information, so why not go one more step further by bringing the future to the iPod touch 7th generation?

At the moment, Apple Pay plays nice with iPhones, certain iPad models, and the Apple Watch. Bringing the iPod touch 7th generation up to date with such a contactless payment option is a no-brainer.

Dual Camera for more professional looking photos and videos
Now this is certainly doable -- very doable, in fact. It is just a matter of accommodating the same hardware as found in the iPhone 7 Plus and voila! You have an iPod touch 7th generation that is capable of shooting fantastic looking portraits thanks to its dual camera setup. It certainly would not cost too much for Apple to incorporate a couple of lenses at the back into their upcoming iPod touch model, and not only that, it will provide this portable media player with an edge.

Touch ID
Will we finally see one of the most requested features in the iPod touch 7th generation? Perhaps. Touch ID is unique and special since it will allow users to unlock the device with nothing else but their fingerprints. This is certainly a security feature that will add to your privacy, since it might be easy for good friends or close family members to take a stab at what your unlock code or pattern is like. Ever since the iPhone 5S came out, Touch ID has been a feature on the smartphone family, so it would be nice to see Touch ID finally make the jump to the iPod touch 7th generation.

Other features
Other features that could arrive on the iPod touch 7th generation might include a larger display that will keep up with the times, in addition to wireless charging support that will certainly make it catch up with Android-powered smartphones after all these years. Oh yes, we are pretty sure that the masses would also appreciate the presence of GPS support in the upcoming iPod touch!

Well, what would you like to see in the iPod touch 7th generation, and are there any apps that you would recommend to iPod Touch users from the Apple app store? Let us know your thoughts. 

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