Operation Mobilization providing physical and spiritual support for Eastern Europe

( [email protected] ) Mar 11, 2004 02:43 PM EST

Eastern Europe – Evangelical churches are growing despite occasional persecution and increasing poverty, according to Operation Mobilization. This week, OM’s mission team made rounds to the most destitute areas, with the hope of bringing support to the existing ministries.

OM’s Sandy Maki-Soini, one of the members of the mission team working in Greater Europe reported, “[We’re] traveling into Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, and Bosnia bringing relief supplies, and [we’re] also starting small development projects over there such as a bakery and a wood shop.”

With a population of 4.5 million, Molodova is the smallest and most densely populated of the former Soviet countries. It is home to a mixture of peoples – Moldovians, Russians, Ukranians, Bulgarians, and a Turkic people group, the Gagauz. The Moldovian people are mostly Orthodox, although few attend church and many have never heard the Gospel.

Maki-Soni says the relief supplies they bring do a lot for the sharing of the Gospel. “[We’re] working with the churches over there, and helping them to help the poor people around them. When [we] go into the houses of these people and visit the institutions, then they just naturally have open doors.”

The OM-team in Greater Europe is looking for long-term church planters, pastoral and training staff, development project and literature coordinators, bookkeepers and administrative staff. They also need more experienced people who can help coordinate and teach in their national training program.