Facebook Allegedly Blocks 20 Million People from Page of Popular ‘Facebook Pastor’

Facebook has allegedly censored millions of people from reaching the page of a “Facebook pastor” who has been growing in popularity over social media.
"Facebook Pastor" Steven Andrew said the social media company prevented millions of people from reaching his site. Facebook/Pastor Steven Andrew

Facebook has allegedly censored millions of people from reaching the page of a "Facebook pastor" who has been growing in popularity over social media.

Steven Andrew, pastor at USA Christian Church and author of the book "Jesus Makes America Great," said Facebook has been hindering people from viewing his page in an effort to "censor Christianity."

He also said there were times in the past that some of his scheduled posts that included messages in support of Pres. Donald Trump were not posted.

"Facebook censoring Christianity affects our sharing the Gospel and fundraising to end the persecution of Christians," Andrew said, according to Christian News Wire

Because of this, millions of people were not given the opportunity to support a fundraising initiative to help kickstart the church's 25 Ministries, an undertaking aimed at protecting Christians and discipling the United States, Andrew explained. The church is hoping to raise at least $5.7 million for these activities.

"Keeping covenant to raise godly generations creates a safe nation with upright and law-abiding citizens instead of a country with crime, division and riots," Andrew said regarding 25 Ministries. "Making Christian disciples helps the USA defend Christianity. The USA defending Christianity is the greatest work for God." 

The "Facebook pastor" has been growing in popularity, reaching millions of people with the gospel through the social media platform. Because of his ministry, about 1.2 million people have prayed to either embrace Christianity or surrender their lives to God again. 

Last year, within a 28-day period from October to November, his posts reached 4.6 million people. Today, however, that number is down to 600,000 people for a period of 28 days.

Facebook apparently cut his messages on Nov. 28, effectively reducing his audience by 20 million people and cutting down the number of "likes" to his page by 30,000. Because of this, his site experienced slower growth.

According to his analysis, he is reaching only 14 percent of his previous audience. An estimated 1 million people have been diverted away from his page weekly, he said. He also found out from a subscriber that his message was no longer reaching them.

What could be the reason Facebook is doing this to Andrew? According to him, it was simply because of his views and stand on certain issues as a Christian.

 Andrew claimed he already brought the matter up with Facebook, but the company dismissed his complaint.

"It would be one thing if Facebook admitted they block Christianity, but they give the impression they are a platform for all people," he said.

Andrew has directed his audience to sign up for One Million Americans on the Lord's Side in the hope of reaching more people.

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