Josh Duggar to Reveal Everyone He Slept With or Talked to in Court

( [email protected] ) Apr 25, 2017 05:20 PM EDT
Things do not look too good for Josh Duggar’s emotions as he has been instructed to reveal the list of persons whom he has slept with or talked to under oath.
Former '19 Kids and Counting' stars Josh and Anna Duggar celebrates eighth wedding anniversary. Photo: Duggar Family Official / Facebook

There is this popular saying, “If you can’t do the time, then don’t do the crime.” It is finally time for Josh Duggar to man up, as he has had his hand forced to testify in a lawsuit by a Los Angeles DJ, as Josh stole this DJ’s photos for use on his numerous online dating profiles. This particular lawsuit might not sound like much on the surface, but it could be potentially damaging to the large Duggar family on whole. More importantly, it is going to eat into him emotionally since he will need to drag out his past for all and sundry to hear.

Josh Duggar might be still licking his wounds after his infidelity to his wife Anna, and while the two are certainly working on their marriage and hoping to save it, bringing up the past is definitely going to open up old wounds and set them back. Or at the very least, it is going to leave a bitter taste in the mouth. Unless there is a miracle in the form of a settlement at the last minute, Josh will have to go to court and testify under oath concerning his numerous OKCupid and Ashley Madison accounts that were revealed a couple of years ago in 2015.

Josh was pretty sneaky in going around his cheating sprees -- he actually scoured the Internet and decided to use photos of Matthew McCarthy, as opposed to his own photos, to plaster up his profiles in both OKCupid and Ashley Madison accounts. According to the Los Angeles DJ McCarthy, this particular act has actually hurt both his personal and professional reputation, and hence, he is entitled to damages. It might not sound plausible, but there it is, with a claim being filed. Josh Duggar had not managed to settle the lawsuit, and neither was he able to get it thrown out of court, which leads to this particular nail biting moment.

McCarthy would like to know of every single person whom Josh spoke with while under the guise of McCarthy’s photo, in order to "better understand the extent of his deception." To put it simply, all of the women whom Josh had slept with using his OKCupid and Ashley Madison account that has McCarthy’s photo on it will have to be revealed. This is certainly going to open up old wounds, and it is going to be an emotional time for Anna, that is for sure.

The whole world knows that Josh Duggar committed adultery with Danica Dillon, who is a dancer and part time actress. Apart from that, no one else knows who are the other women whom Duggar slept with, apart from the ladies themselves. This is assuming that Duggar had slept with more than Danica Dillon alone, that is. What do you think will be the outcome of this lawsuit? Will Josh actually have more skeletons in his closet, or was his can of worms cleaned out completely earlier on already? We can only pray for the best as Josh and now-pregnant-for-the-fifth-time Anna Duggar continue to work on their marriage and overcome whatever issues there are between them.

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