Billy Graham's Daughter Anne Graham-Lotz Provides Checklist to Help Christians Prepare for Rapture

( [email protected] ) Apr 27, 2017 11:02 AM EDT
Billy Graham's daughter Anne Graham-Lotz has provided a checklist for Christians to help prepare them for the rapture, explaining that preparing for any kind of trip takes "time, thought and energy."
Anne Graham-Lotz pictured with her father, evangelist Billy Graham. Photo Credit: Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Billy Graham's daughter Anne Graham-Lotz has provided a checklist for Christians to prepare them for the coming rapture, explaining that preparing for any kind of trip takes "time, thought and energy."

In an article penned for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Lotz, the founder of AnGeL Ministries and the chairwoman of the National Day of Prayer, contended that the Bible teaches that all followers of Jesus are to plan and prepare for a "trip."

"The trip is not only undertaken when we move to Heaven following death, but it is also a very unique one that will take place at the end of human history as we have known it," she wrote.

"We are told that believers in the last generation will not experience physical death, but will be caught up in what is called the 'rapture'... the 'snatching away'... to meet Jesus in the air and be reunited with loved ones who have died in Christ and have gone before us."

To prepare for "the trip of a lifetime-a trip that is out of this world", Lotz shared several Bible verses for readers to help them make checklist.

First, Christians needs to be abounding in love, established in faith, confident in hope, unblamable in holiness, and steadfast in service.

"What is your service for Jesus? How can you serve Him even more as the time for departure draws near?" she asked believers to reflect upon.

Finally, she said faithful believers need to listen for the "Clarion Call."

"How will we know when it's time to leave? Read 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17. When the call to leave comes, will you be ready? What items on your checklist will you wish you had 'packed?'" she asked.

She concluded: "We haven't left yet, so there is still time to increase and excel in each item on the checklist. Ask God to help you prepare so that you are rapture ready," she wrote.

As reported, Lotz, who previously said that the end times are fast approaching, recently told The Biblical Recorder that God is in the process of "removing his hand" from America.

"As a nation, we seem to have lost our identity. We are one nation, under God. Not just any god. But the living God. The Creator. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Father of Jesus Christ," she said.

"God clearly warns us that if we forsake Him, He will forsake us. I believe God is in the process of removing His hand of blessing from America," she added.

To counter, this, Lotz encouraged believers to pray tirelessly: "God has promised to hear us, forgive us and heal us on the condition that we pray. Therefore prayer is essential. It is not an option, it is a necessity," she said.

On its website, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association acknowledges that Christians do not agree on every detail of what will occur in the final events of this world's history.

"Some of these events and their order of occurrence have simply not been made clear in the Bible," it reads. "What is important is that all Christians hold in common that Christ will ultimately return bodily, visibly, and gloriously to reign and rule with His resurrected and transformed saints forever and ever. The details of this great event will be made known in God's own time."

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