For Honor Update 1.06: Details That You Need To Know

( [email protected] ) Apr 28, 2017 08:59 AM EDT
For Honor has received its update 1.06, and here are some details that you absolutely need to know about the latest update for this hit game title.
New executions for each character coming your way! YouTube screengrab

Think that you have mastered all of the intricacies that are found in For Honor? Well, with Update 1.06, things will certainly take a twist as there are new ways for you to make sure your victims know that they are thoroughly and truly beaten, thanks to the introduction of new executions that have been thrown into the mix for each class. Apart from the introduction of new executions, Update 1.06 is available for download and installation across the PC, Xbox One and PS4 platforms. For those who would prefer to catch up on some dry reading, the full patch notes of For Honor's Update 1.06 can be found here. If you prefer to get just a gist of the most interesting things that arrive with Update 1.06, then read on below.

All of the characters should be able to gain at least one new execution now, and they would make Mortal Kombat’s Fatality moves seem to be a walk in the park. It does not matter which class your character is, each new execution in For Honor will cost approximately 7,000 Steel, which should not translate to too much in real world currency.

Ubisoft has also done their part in introducing more balance to the game, including specific heroes while making sure that the game's match-making functionality is improved as well. We will take a look at some of them below.

Whenever a match is over, there might be instances where the number of players who quit that session be overwhelmingly large, making it impossible to kick off a new match. Ubisoft decided that the Join-in-Progress feature is the perfect remedy for such a situation, enabling new players to basically, join in while a game is going on, making sure that the chances of having a higher number of available players for the next batch is there. The game has not yet activated this feature despite the framework being ready at the moment.

Peacekeeper Light Attacks
There are changes made to Peacekeeper Light Attacks, such as :-
Light Attack Miss recovery branching into Chained Light Attack delayed by 100ms.
Chained Light Attack recoveries on Interrupt Block increased to 700ms (from 600ms).
Chained Light Attack recoveries on Hit increased to 700ms (from 500ms).

Shugoki Charge of the Oni
The same can be said of Shugoki Charge of the Oni :-
Charge of the Oni no longer knocks down on contact.
Charge of the Oni’s 400ms startup is fully dodgeable.
Charge of the Oni trajectory can no longer be adjusted with the left stick.
Shugoki cannot regenerate stamina during Charge of the Oni.

Orochi Hurricane Blast
Oh, surprise, surprise. Orochi Hurricane Blast has a number of alterations made as well :-
Hurricane Blast has Uninterruptible Stance.
Added Uninterruptible Stance Icon to Moveset page.
Fixed rotation so that victim of Hurricane Blast always faces the Orochi when stabbed.

Bleed will also no longer be applied without contact, just to round off the list of interesting changes. You should already be able to receive For Honor's latest executions and Update 1.06 after the minimal maintenance period is over.

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