Fitbit Allegedly Working On A New Smartwatch And Wireless Earphones

( [email protected] ) May 02, 2017 02:06 AM EDT
Fitbit’s intention to go against Apple in the smartwatch arena revealed in leaked photos.
Fitbit has a new smartwatch and wireless Bluetooth earphones in the works. Yahoo! Finance

The technology industry might be full of snitches and spies, as disgruntled workers who feel that they are not being paid enough to do their work might be the key person(s) in sending out leaked photos of upcoming devices which were supposed to be secret. On the other hand, it is also not out of the ordinary to see companies leak out future devices and products on purpose in order to create the right amount of buzz and draw attention so that sales will be more positive upon the product’s release. The latest leaked photos scandal belong to Fitbit, where they showcased a new smartwatch as well as a pair of wireless earphones which allegedly are meant to go up against what Apple has to offer. If the actual devices resemble the leaked photos closely, then it goes to show just how far more Fitbit has to go before they are able to hold a candle to Apple in terms of product design and functionality.

The new smartwatch from Fitbit is meant to be a successor to the Blaze fitness timepiece which was released in 2016. However, from what we have gathered in the leaked photos, it is not going to threaten Apple in any way where design is concerned, and the likes of Samsung and Huawei too, need not be too perturbed about Fitbit where the smartwatch market is concerned. This particular smartwatch has been given the codename “Higgs” by Fitbit. Word has it that it packs enough processing firepower underneath the hood to be able to go toe-to-toe against Apple’s Series 2 Watch. This would most probably translate to the inclusion of an integrated GPS chipset, a speedy processor (with more than a single core, we hope), and water resistance of at least 50 meters.

Yahoo Finance’s anonymous sources that provided these leaked photos claim that the second generation Blaze will also come with heart rate monitoring capability, support for NFC payments to usher in a new era of cashless transactions, integrated streaming with Pandora so that you will be able to be entertained wherever and whenever you are, and a battery life that should be able to last for up to four days before requiring a trip to the nearest power outlet for a recharge. The asking price? It is speculated to retail for three Benjamins, which would make it more affordable by $69 compared to the Apple Watch Series 2.

Apart from that, Fitbit is also on a warpath to roll out a $150 pair of wireless Bluetooth earphones that will resemble the BeatsX in some way. A couple of color options are available for the yet unannounced wireless earphones, but in terms of design, the leaked photos certainly do not inspire any kind of confidence, and neither does it give rise to the feeling of “Shut up and take my money already!”. With Fitbit being the master of the fitness tracking market, it is about time they made investments to move into different platforms if they were to remain relevant in the eyes of consumers for years to come. After all, that is what many innovative companies do, and these are the ones that have survived through the ups and downs of the business cycle.

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