Lego Apollo Saturn V Moon Rocket Set Has Close To 2,000 Pieces

( [email protected] ) May 02, 2017 02:40 AM EDT
Lego has just announced its Apollo Saturn V moon rocket set which will feature 1,969 pieces to go crazy with.
Lego Apollo Saturn V moon rocket will be out this summer. Lego

The Apollo Saturn V moon rocket is being prepared for launch, except that it comes in the form of a Lego set this time around with 1,969 pieces for you to play with. Good luck keeping track of all the pieces when you have younger children in the home since the numerous tiny Lego bricks and pieces tend to go missing all too easily when the young ones are around. Meant to be released later this summer, Lego’s NASA Apollo Saturn V rocket set is set to launch on June 1, 2017. Space fans all over the world will now have a Lego set that brings to life their vivid imagination as they embark on numerous missions to the moon -- all without any risk of it exploding or turning into a blazing fireball, right in the comfort of their own homes.

Similar to NASA’s space program, this particular kit will arrive with a trio of separable Saturn V rocket stages, a lunar orbiter, lunar module. Throwing in a crew of three astronauts, Lego has even decided to throw in an American flag so that the Lego minifigs will be able to “plant” it on the “moon”. This is one particular space program that will benefit the country’s economy, as opposed to taking up close to 4.5% of the national budget while consuming way too many gallons of fuel in order to experience a successful launch. Interestingly enough, each full set of these plastic parts has been scaled down a whopping 110 times, where the entire shebang will stand at one meter (3.28 feet) in height when it is completely assembled. The asking price for the Lego Apollo V-Saturn moon rocket? $119 a pop. There is also an Easter Egg hidden in this unique Lego set with the announcement that a total of 1,969 pieces are made available to complete it, which is paying homage to the year of the first time man walked on the moon through the crew of Apollo 11, in July 1969.

Lego has rated this particular set for those who are aged at least 14 and older. Parents or grandparents who grew up while watching the rocket launch when they were a child will be able to find a good excuse to pick up this particular set for themselves on the pretext that they are getting it for their children or grandchildren. Lego is a company that takes the feedback of their builder community seriously, having picked up this idea from the Lego Ideas group as users “whatsuptoday” and “saabfan” posted their Saturn V concept all the way back in 2014. It took three years for the idea to bear fruit and become the reality that it is today, which could be inspiration for others who could be thinking of doing the same. It took just a year for this idea to pick up a whopping 10,000 votes from fellow fans -- which automatically triggers a review by a board of Lego set designers. Both of these users will end up with 1% of the product sales and licensing revenue, after taking Danish taxes -- which is certainly a handsome reward for those who have a true love for Lego.

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