Bethel Church Pastor Bill Johnson: Here's How to Share the Peace of God's Presence

May 02, 2017 12:31 PM EDT

Bill Johnson, Senior Pastor of Bethel Church, has said that as Christians, we are anointed to change the world with our words and actions - and God has given us all the tools we need to make the lives of the people we know more beautiful.

In a brief video shared on his Facebook page, the pastor said, "God has anointed us to be agents of change; He's ordained us to be able to release His presence, His blessing, into an environment and really alter the course of history, really impact the course of history."

One of the ways Christians are able to do this is very practical, Johnson explained: "We speak into situations of our own life, but we also bring the promises of God, what He says, into the lives of people around us," he said.

"The Physics of Heaven" author encouraged listeners to "use this wonderful tool, this gift that God has given us, to make the lives of our friends, our associates, our neighbors, to make their lives better because of what we say. "

"It's not just human ability, human talent, it really is hearing the heart of God for people and declaring it because His word releases His presence," he said.

Johnson concluded by praying that God would open our eyes to see the needs of people around us and to see Him clearly: "We've got to hear Your promise, we've got to know what You say about that situation," he prayed. "Let us be a people that are really possessed by promises, possessed by Your promises not just for us, but for the people around us, that we could step into their life in an intercessory way and speak Your words of hope, Your words of promise that changes their awareness of Your nature, Your heart, Your promise to them."

He added, "I pray this that people's lives will be changed because they, sometimes for the first time see You're a perfect father. Help us to release that reality through decree."

Johnson's message was "liked" by over 2,000 people, with many commenting words of encouragement for the popular pastor.

"The words that we speak are so powerful for the good and bad," wrote one commenter. "We must be careful to choose our words wisely! Do you remember times when you spoke something out loud and it became reality whether good or bad things? There's truth to what Pastor is describing."

The pastor's message was part of an 8-week e-course entitled "Hosting the Presence".

Reads the course description: "You are significant. God chose you before the beginning of time to carry His presence everywhere you go, partnering with Him to bring His Kingdom to Earth. In this series of teachings by Pastor Bill Johnson, you will discover your authority in Jesus and how to wield the power He's given you to restore His creation. Let's partner with Heaven's agenda for our lives and take hold of our inheritance in Him!"