Motorola’s New Moto Tablet Will See “Productivity Mode” On Android

( [email protected] ) May 09, 2017 12:25 AM EDT
Motorola might be working on a brand new Moto tablet which will help enhance your productivity on the Android platform.
The "productivity mode" is an existing feature on Lenovo's Yoga Book actually. 9to5Google

Just when you thought that the tablet market is a dying one, with more and more users ditching their tablets for smartphones with larger screens, along comes this exclusive leak that Motorola is on a warpath: they are going to work on a Moto tablet that will reportedly deliver a brand new "productivity mode" to the Android mobile operating system. Lenovo-owned Motorola’s announcement is certainly an interesting one, since this new tablet device would mark the company’s very first in years. It seems that the leaked screenshot from a trusted source of Android Police points to the existence of such a tablet device, which we will explore in greater detail below.

The alleged Moto tablet will be larger than what many people are comfortable with (7-inches across diagonally), by arriving in a form factor that will most probably be 9 to 10-inches across diagonally. If it were to be true, then surely it needs to make a very nice first impression, so what better way to do so than to introduce a premium look and feel? Other essentials that many would love to know about this alleged device would be the hardware that accompanies it, but no essential information concerning the processor, memory, storage space, name, or screen resolution and dimension has been forthcoming. It would be surprising to know if this particular tablet would drop cellular connectivity in favor of pure Wi-Fi connectivity alone, as doing so would be suicide in this day and age. Apart from that, there is no mention of any release date, making many also wonder whether such a leak is legitimate or not, but all of it would be on Android Police’s head if it isn’t.

So far, the leaked screenshot points to what is deemed to be a "productivity mode" for the purported upcoming Moto tablet. This “productivity mode” feature is interesting, to say the least. Basically, when the toggle is flipped, one will be able to pin apps to the navigational bar -- translating to an efficient use of space. Apart from that, it is also very easy to switch back and forth between them, all without having to rely on the multitask UI or to make a return to the home screen. Some users would most probably think that this is a departure from the stock Android experience, leaning far more towards Chrome OS instead. Closing an app is a snap, too, where you can long press on an icon that is located in the navbar simply by dragging it up. That has the suggestion that apps on the navbar will remain in memory and kept running in the background until it is removed, but nothing is concrete just yet. Doing so would translate to a more efficient multitasking experience, but all of these are but in theory since a screenshot is all that the world has concerning the alleged new Moto tablet.

Apart from that, the screenshot also points to a dedicated app drawer button that is located on the navigation bar, which would surely go a long way in enhancing the tablet experience. All in all, it is a matter of time before this leaked screenshot is confirmed -- or debunked. However, a sharp eyed reader has pointed out that this “productivity mode” is actually an existing feature found in Lenovo’s Yoga Book -- bummer!

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