3 New Apple Laptops at WWDC 2017: MacBooks, MacBook Air and Pro Rumored

( [email protected] ) May 17, 2017 12:41 AM EDT
WWDC 2017 should see the reveal of a trio of new Apple laptops.
How will the Microsoft's Surface Book 2 compare with the New MacBook Pro 2016? Sonicdrewdriver/ Wikipedia

Apple’s range of laptops could certainly make do with an overhaul this year, and what better way than to officially release them at WWDC 2017 that is happening next month? After all, Microsoft has their Surface Pro 5, and that has certainly proven itself to be a highly competitive model. Another potential rival comes in the form of Acer of Taiwan, which released their latest Swift 5 and Swift 7 series of super slim laptops that are extremely light to carry around. Well, how will Apple respond to the industry? By being themselves, we presume. Word on the street has it that Apple is working on not one, but to roll out a trio of new laptops that will debut at WWDC 2017, according to a Bloomberg report. There might be a refreshed version of the 12-inch MacBook that will boast of a new Intel chip in order to keep up with the times, in addition to another 12-inch MacBook model that has a speedier Intel processor, not to mention, a revamped MacBook Air that will boast of a spanking new processor.

It does seem as though the heart of all the rumored new 12-inch MacBooks and MacBook Air will concentrate mostly on the kind of processor that runs proceedings from underneath the hood, although it would not be out of the ordinary to presume that other improvements are set to follow as well. After all, it does not make any sense at all if a particular new product would have taken its own, sweet time to be released just for the sake of stuffing in a new processor. The new models would most probably arrive with improved technology that will see a better battery life, or at least, a similar battery life with a slimmed down design. It would not be out of place either to hear of an increased amount of RAM in addition to internal storage. Will there be brand new USB Type C ports thrown into the mix as well? Only time will be able to reveal more information, but at the moment it looks as though three new laptop models are the bare minimum that we will be greeted with at WWDC 2017.

So far, Apple has not always made it a point to introduce new hardware at its developer conference, WWDC, which happens on an annual basis. However, things look as though they are about to change this year, and apart from the possibility of seeing three new laptops, other rumors point to a smart speaker and a brand new iPad Pro to join the fray. The latter would most probably be known as the iPad Pro 2, while the former might prove to be a retort to Amazon’s recently introduced Amazon Echo Show.

It was in the fall of 2016 that saw Apple release new MacBook Pros which featured a touchscreen that has been integrated into the keyboard itself. While

Last fall, Apple launched new MacBook Pros with a touchscreen integrated into the keyboard. Although the company says that sales of the new laptops have been robust to say the least without revealing the exact sales figures to date, the sentiment reflected online points otherwise. In fact, a number of professional users who picked up the new MacBook Pro last year was less than pleased with what they received.

Assuming the 13-inch MacBook Air will be improved upon, there would be two new features that many users would welcome. One of them would be a higher quality display, as the existing one is functional but far from being able to deliver the performance of a premium laptop. It is not too much to wish for a higher resolution count with IPS display. In terms of its design, a more modern look would also do it a world of wonders, and the first step in doing so would be to get rid of the huge bezels that surround the display.

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