Joy-Anna Duggar Pregnancy Update: Can't Wait To Be A Mother

( [email protected] ) May 18, 2017 10:37 PM EDT
Mother’s Day is a celebration that Joy-Anna Duggar cannot wait to enjoy despite being unmarried...yet.
She can't wait to be a mother. TLC

While we are still in Mother’s Day mood, paying homage to the ladies of iron will in our lives who also have exhibited tender loving care and strict discipline as and when required, what happens when you have a member of the Duggar family talk on Mother’s Day? The answer is rather simple -- chances are the girl cannot wait to be a mother herself. Bride-to-be Joy-Anna Duggar is about to walk down the aisle in due time, but she simply adores motherhood and cannot wait to be one herself. After all, being a sister to younger siblings all these years would certainly have helped her to nurture that kind of motherhood instincts and skills, but things would certainly be very different if she were to end up as a mom herself. After all, we all do know that theory tends to amount to nothing when applied in a practical manner.

Earlier this week while celebrating Mother’s Day on a Sunday, the Duggar siblings with family patriarch Jim Bob Duggar, had a big do by thanking their mother, Michelle Duggar. Obviously Michelle has gone through a whole lot, with her unfailing love for her children and unwavering commitment to their family. Jana Duggar cooed, “Mama, we’re so grateful for you and just the many years that you’ve invested in our lives,” while having nephew Spurgeon Elliot Seewald on her lap with the large number of her brothers and sisters surrounding her.

“Thank you so much for making life fun for us, you’re always so much fun,” shared Jessa (Duggar) Seewald. What about Joy-Anna Duggar herself? She was sitting beside her fiancé Austin Forsyth while holding hands with him, thanking her mom Michelle the level of her devotion to the children, while hoping to be able to take on the role of mother herself. Being 19 years old and engaged might seem to be too young for many in the developed world, as this tends to be the marrying age of underdeveloped countries and perhaps, in countries and cultures that still practice that values of an arranged marriage. Joy-Anna bared her thoughts further, “I’m so thankful for you, mama. And even more recently, just helping with all the wedding planning and helping me just not get stressed out about all that. She also looked into the eyes of Austin Forsyth, wistfully mentioning with a smile on her face, “I can’t wait to be a mother myself.”

It was just in November last year that Joy-Anna made an announcement on a very special episode of Counting On: Jinger’s Wedding, sharing news with the rest of the world that she had taken the mutual step to court with Austin Forsyth, who has been her friend for 15 years. Simple mathematics would reveal that they knew each other since she was 4 years old, crossing paths when his family made the move to Arkansas and began to attend the same church as the Duggars. It was just a few months after that that the couple were engaged, with One thing’s for sure, after Joy-Anna’s wedding bells toll, the pews at Duggar’s church will have one more person occupying it sooner rather than later, if Joy-Anna’s wish were to be fulfilled.

One thing's for sure, Austin comes from a well to do family, with his family owning a Christian camp known as Fort Rock Christian Family Camp and Retreat Center in Combs, Arkansas. Austin is also no stranger to the reality TV world that the Duggar children practically grew up in, with the Forsyths being a host family on season 1 of World’s Strictest Parents on CMT in 2009. He is 22 years old and looks ready to shoulder the responsibilities of being the man of the house, while having gained the love and approval of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar -- which is also one of the most important components in any marriage. Will Joy-Anna be able to maintain her newer, slim profile before her big day approaches?

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