Mission uses college grads for church-planting internships

( [email protected] ) Mar 13, 2004 07:06 AM EST

The Evangelical Free Church Mission has a special outreach program geared to young adults in their twenties.

The program, known as "Take 12" is a one-year church-planting internship for college graduates. During training, mission leaders work to confirm the country most needing a team to help encourage the indigenous church. The program is designed as a cross-cultural ministry project during which team members study the language, live with a national family and immerse themselves in local church ministries. Team members emphasize evangelism, discipleship and a cross-cultural ministry project to help meet the needs of the church plant while seeking opportunities to explore ministry gifts and develop ministry skills.

The latest group of Take 12 interns recently arrived overseas to begin language study.

[source: Mission Network News]