Spaceballs 2 Confirmed by Mel Brooks: Star Wars Success Functions As A Catalyst

( [email protected] ) May 24, 2017 11:29 AM EDT
A new Spaceballs 2 film could be making its way to the silver screen courtesy of the success of recent Star Wars movies.
Spaceballs 2 posters appearing at the NYC subway station. Instagram

Mel Brooks, who produced and directed the original Spaceballs which was released in 1987, has confirmed that he is currently looking into the possibility of Spaceballs 2 being made. In other words, the most popular sci-fi parody in the galaxy might just have a sequel, and it would be our privilege to be able to check it out in this particular lifetime. Interestingly enough it might even be aptly titled Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money, which would not be too far off the mark, too.

If one were to say that a sequel is long overdue, that person would be correct. After all, this epic Star Wars parody, should a sequel be made, would arrive more than three decades after the original film delivered the idea of the power of the Schwartz. During a screening that saw another Mel Brooks parody that has since turned into a classic, Young Frankenstein, an audience member gathered enough cojones to ask about the possibility of a sequel to Spaceballs. Brooks replied, “MGM is slightly interested in doing it because of Star Wars Rogue One and The Force Awakens and the new Star Wars explosion. So they think maybe, so we’re talking, who knows.”


Just so that you know what all the potential hype surrounding Spaceballs 2 is about, why not turn back the clock and see what the original Spaceballs featured? Released in 1987 as an American science fiction parody film that was co-written, produced and directed by Mel Brooks, it had the star power of Brooks himself, Bill Pullman, John Candy, and Rick Moranis, not to mention the voice of Joan Rivers. While Spaceballs was released to a mixed reception, it has unwittingly ended up as a cult classic on video, being one of the most popular films from Brooks's eventually. Spaceballs dealt with the settings as well as character parodies from the first Star Wars trilogy, in addition to other sci-fi franchises such as Star Trek, Alien, and the Planet of the Apes films. In the original 1987 Spaceballs, there was an evil empire that would not stop at anything in order to steal oxygen from an innocent planet, and this set the stage to poke fun at Star Wars as well as other sci-fi films and cinematic conventions. Bill Pullman certainly did play a starring role in being a Han Solo-like mercenary, where he managed to pick up a spoiled princess (starring Daphne Zuniga) as well as her droid (voiced by Joan Rivers). With the assistance of his half-man/half-dog friend who is comically known as named Barf (starring John Candy), it was certainly a blast back then. You might think that all of this is super corny today, but back then, it provided a fair number of laughs.

Sounds like it is too much to stomach? You simply need to watch it for yourself and see how Spaceballs 2 is going to fit into today's world. After all, there has been Prometheus and more recently, Alien: Covenant that will showcase the latest developments of the Aliens franchise, not to mention we are in the midst of another Star Wars trilogy, and with Star Trek movies having their own following as well, it would certainly be interesting to see how Spaceballs 2 will turn out -- if ever.

It would certainly be some time again before Spaceballs 2 hits the silver screen, especially when studios are only starting to talk about it at the moment. Will Spaceballs 2 turn out to be a dud, or will it make the jump to being a cult classic eventually like before? Only time will be able to tell, however, there is a very real possibility that it would be a limited success as parodies do not really make the cut anymore these days.

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