Far Cry 5 Art Revealed, Increases Anticipation For Ubisoft’s Game

( [email protected] ) May 25, 2017 08:52 AM EDT
The Far Cry franchise is set to experience yet another blockbuster title in due time, with Ubisoft revealing the first Far Cry 5 art officially.
What do you think of Far Cry 5? Ubisoft

It might not be too many hours before the official Far Cry 5 game is revealed, but this does not mean that Ubisoft, the game’s publisher, is not going to do all that it can in order to drum up interest and support for the title. In fact, Ubisoft has just released its very first full-on promotional image that is provocative to say the least. In the revealed image, it showcases a group of men who are not only armed to the teeth, but they also sport beards that would put any Middle Age Viking to shame. In the midst of it all, there is a solitary female figure, in addition to a wolf. All of them have been seated in the manner of that of The Last Supper, which is one of Renaissance artist, scientist, and all round genius Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpieces. The table in which they seat around will sport a US flag that has seen some slight modifications -- but certainly not enough to spark an outcry or rage among the country’s citizens. Stars on the US flag have been replaced by crosses, while there is a central messianic figure who has that slightly menacing look about him. Expect to see firearms and ammunition littered all around the table, while there is a man who has seen far better days, being beaten to a pulp sitting right in front with his hands bound, while the world “Sinner” is hastily scrawled over his back.

The Far Cry series does seem to make an entrance into America with Far Cry 5, based on what we have seen on the officially released artwork so far. Perhaps it will touch on the issue of religious extremism as well as right-wing survivalists, but you can be sure that this is a game that is going to cause division even among video gamers themselves. Other Far Cry games in the past have fairly different settings, where the location is set in an extremely remote area, complete with fictional villains with the odd mutant thrown into the mix at one point in time. Perhaps with Far Cry 5, it will hit closer to home, and there will definitely be people who will be against it, just as there are those who will be for it. Controversy is often one of the more effective methods of making a particular event or item popular among the masses, as things will end up viral quickly enough.

We continue to await the official Far Cry 5 reveal that is set to happen on May 26, so hopefully more information will be shed on the seemingly dystopian future that the game will be bound in. It might just reignite far more interest in the Far Cry series among its fans, taking into consideration that previous Far Cry titles have more or less felt detached from reality, taking into consideration the highly fictional environment in which they are set within.

How has the revealed Far Cry 5 art affected you personally? Do you think that it is somewhat sacrilegious to turn the US flag and provide some modifications? Some of the gamers with a more patriotic slant might see this to be an affront, but others who are more liberal would definitely fall for such trappings. After all, it is also easy for citizens of other countries to look down on others who do not share similar values of expressing oneself, even at the expense of being self-denigrating to a certain degree. Only time will tell as to whether Far Cry 5 is going to be the hit that Ubisoft hopes it would be, or will it gain enough negative mileage prior to its release to bomb.

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