New 'Counting On' Trailer Released, What Are Some Of The Upcoming Surprises?

( [email protected] ) May 26, 2017 08:09 AM EDT
The Duggar family's run on reality TV continues with the release of the latest 'Counting On' trailer.
There is a new trailer for 'Counting On', and the world waits with bated breath for something new to hit the TV screen. Instagram

How much of a ‘Counting On’ fan are you? If you have followed the series right from the first season all the way until now, surely you would have had your fair share of Duggar moments, from the light hearted to the heavier ones. Well, the Duggars have entered America’s consciousness for some years now, and one thing that they are always good at is to keep the watchers guessing. The season 4 premiere for ‘Counting On’ is set to happen this June 12 on TLC, so before you get the popcorn ready in less than three weeks’ time, here is a teaser trailer that would certainly keep you second guessing as to what will be in store.

Will the trailer reveal Jinger’s pregnancy?
Yes sir, a brand new ‘Counting On’ trailer has just been released, and it certainly drops hints as to certain questions that might have plagued industry watchers alike for some time already, especially those details of the lives of the Duggars. Certainly one question that would be swimming on everyone’s minds is this: Is Jinger Duggar pregnant or not? Her sisters do not seem to hold the answer, or they actually know the truth but in the name of TV ratings and suspense, they have decided to feign ignorance on the matter. From what the viewer is able to see, Jinger’s sisters are also equally impatient to know the status of Jinger’s motherhood, asking her whether she has taken a pregnancy test or not. As for Jinger’s response? Well, her smile does not reveal anything. After all, Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, the Mona Lisa, has also been smiling for a few hundred years now, and art critics and aficionados alike continue the timeless debate as to the reason for her smile, continuing to confound the learned and casual observer alike.

Joy-Anna’s wedding: On or off?
How about questions surrounding Joy-Anna’s wedding to her childhood sweetheart, Austin Forsyth? Will that be taking place? After all, there has been plenty of whispers and rumors going around, pointing to the very real possibility of a wedding taking place between the two. In fact, Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have recently returned to Arkansas after undergoing a rather traumatic experience as missionaries in El Salvador, also to attend Joy-Anna’s wedding. Perhaps there will be some snippets that deal with her engagement, in addition to having some entertainment ‘crumbs’ left behind in the form of Joseph Duggar's courtship of Kendra Caldwell.

Jill and Derick’s mission trip
What of their mission trip to El Salvador? Perhaps Jill and Derick would be able to open up more and talk about their mission trip to Central America. There are moments when some of the most traumatic moments in our lives will only be able to achieve a degree of healing when we brace ourselves to talk about it. It would definitely be a cathartic experience, as having a close friend murdered is not something anyone would like to go through and experience for themselves.

Josh Duggar’s reformation
Will Josh Duggar, widely considered by many to be the black sheep of the family, finally be able to find redemption? We do not know for sure, but the man has gone through his fair share of ups and downs in recent years -- mostly the latter, and because of his own doing. Perhaps he might make a return to the show, as a way of redeeming himself. Have a heart, people. Each of us are not perfect, and we all make mistakes although some mistakes are amplified all the more due to our upbringing, culture, and definitely if we do not practice what we preach. Perhaps Josh’s road to redemption can only start when the TV viewers truly forgive him.

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