When God Doesn’t Answer Your Prayers

( [email protected] ) May 27, 2017 11:06 AM EDT
When you pray to God and He doesn't seem to give you an answer, there may be certain factors that you need to investigate in your prayer time with God.
When you pray to God and He doesn't seem to give you an answer, there may be certain factors that you need to investigate in your prayer time with God. Pexels: Unsplash

Have you been praying to God over and over again, yet you get no answer? Have you been petitioning something before Him for such a long time now but He's not giving them to you?

Well, you are not alone. Many believers are experiencing the same thing in their walk of faith. In fact, Renee James shared that she "stopped praying" for her brothers who has Autism and Down syndrome. She said she got "tired of hurling nightly prayers for divine healing..."

And if you ask me if it is normal for God not to answer prayer, I would say no because the Bible clearly tells us that God does hear and answer our prayers (John 16:24).

However, there may be reasons why God is silent or not answering your prayers.

Usually, God answers prayers in these three manners: "Yes" but not exactly according to how you imagined it to be; "No" because He's got something better for you; And, "wait" it's not yet the right time.

Don't be easily discouraged when God doesn't answer your request. Trust in His timing, trust in His options and most of all trust in His plans. God always gives the best to His children and He will surely not let you down.

On the other hand, our prayers can also be ineffective or hindered by other factors.

According to Dawson McAllister, these four major points should be investigated in your prayer time with God:

1. Your motives.

The Bible clearly tells us that wrong motives won't be answered. James 4 verse 3 says, "And even when you ask, you don't get it because your motives are all wrong -you want only what will give you pleasure."

So try to assess if you have been praying with a wrong motive. God is too wise and too good to answer prayers with wrong motives. It is his way of protecting you from harm.

2. Any unconfessed sins before God.

We all know that sin separates us from the presence of God. You may have been sinning unintentionally like offending a brother or a sister through hurtful words.

The Bible says in Isaiah 59 verse 2 that our sins can hinder God from listening to us.

Ask the help of the Holy Spirit to reveal to you any hidden and unconfessed sin.   

3. Your priorities more than God.

When you make something a top priority or more important other than God, you have made that thing your idol. And God doesn't want you falling into the trap of idolatry.

"Son of man, these leaders have set up idols in their hearts. They have embraced things that will make them fall into sin. Why should I listen to their requests?" (Ezekiel 14:3).

If you think that you have set up an idol in your heart, simply repent before God and be transformed by His Word. God is full of mercy, forgiveness and compassion.

4. Your obedience to God's Word.

It is important that you are continuously reading the word of God because God's word is God's will. Any prayer contrary to His Word is not God's will. Jesus said in John 15 verse 7, "If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish and it will be given to you."

It is therefore important to read God's word daily so that all your prayers are properly aligned according to his words.