Memorial Day 2017 Events And Activities

( [email protected] ) May 29, 2017 12:32 AM EDT
How are you able to spend your time this Memorial Day? Here is a list of things which you can do, and have a happy Memorial Day!
Memorial Day (Photo: Reuters/Eduardo Munoz)

Have you become jaded by all of the Memorial Day sales this year, that you would like to do something different as opposed to the regular, run-of-the-mill activities which you indulge in every single year? Why not start afresh by embarking on something that you have never done before, or obtain a fresh perspective on tried-and-tested traditions in your family? Here is a list of items that you can try this Memorial Day that will hopefully be able to offer sweet and lasting memories many years down the road.

1. Hold a backyard cookout for the poor and homeless
The annual tradition of having a BBQ cookout in your backyard where family and friends gather might end up being more of a burden than a joy as the years go by. Perhaps you are sick and tired of Uncle Phil reiterating the same old stories, or nobody is simply interested in turning up any more because they have “better” things to do than to maintain relationships. Why not take the road less traveled by inviting the poor and the homeless over to your place?

Not only will you be able to help feed the hungry, it is also a way to connect with the community at large, while getting to know that the man living under the bridge whom you drive by each morning to work? He has a name, he has dreams, and he had a family, once. Trust me, by getting to know the rejected in society, life will never be the same again -- both yours and theirs. They would definitely remember you for this act of kindness, and who knows how your interaction will be able to make a positive impact and change in their lives down the road. Chances are you would continue to follow up to see what kind of assistance can be rendered to the destitute and homeless by linking them up to different NGOs and church ministries.

2. Drop by the hospital
Rather than spend the extra time on your hands watching reruns of old TV series on the big screen in the comfort of your living room, how about making a trip to the nearby hospital and visit the sick and lonely? Take note of the visiting hours before you drop by, and it would be a nice gesture to call up the matron in charge to see if the hospital needs any kind of donation -- be it in monetary form or in kind. From there, you can either visit the hospital with your spouse, family, or even as a small church group just to sit down and be a friend to the sick and infirm. Some of them might not have received a visitor for days or even weeks (for long term patients), and never underestimate the healing power of the human touch as you give out hugs aplenty. After all, hugs and smiles do not cost a single penny, but they can be priceless.

3. Community clean up
Get a bunch of like minded people or families in the neighborhood and perform a community clean up of the area. It can be the public park that everyone uses, or perhaps the busiest street in town, or even the back alleys that tend to be littered with trash. Do the town council a favor and pick up the trash, making it free from litter, raking the leaves and placing them into trash bags, or even ensuring that the public park is free from dog litter from irresponsible owners. These are small acts of kindness that will go a long way, and it will also help strengthen the bond of friendship within the community itself.

4. Let Google surprise you
Here is something crazy that you might want to try. How about Googling “Memorial Day Activities” and see what kind of search results pop up? Who knows, there might be something new that will kick off this year, or perhaps a new restaurant that has opened up while offering a Memorial Day special. Either way, it could be something entirely random or out of your regular routine that you might want to check out. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

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