Hallmark Now Selling Cards Celebrating Gender Transitions

Hallmark, the largest greeting card manufacturer in the U.S., is offering cards celebrating a person’s gender transition.
Hallmark is selling cards for transgender persons and for those who are going through gender transition. Twitter

Hallmark, the largest greeting card manufacturer in the U.S., is offering cards celebrating a person's gender transition.

A spokesperson said the move was part of the company's effort to sell relevant products and to be inclusive, Huffington Post reported.

"Hallmark is committed to helping people share what's in their hearts with those they love, and we strive to be inclusive and relevant with our products," the spokesperson told HuffPost. "We are committed to reflecting people's real lives and enriching their relationships, and our mission includes all people."

The new line of greeting cards targeted specifically for transgender persons features themes expressing support and affirmation to those who identify as transgender, well wishes for those who will go through sex change surgery and celebrations for those who have transitioned to another gender.

The cards are filed under "Encouragement: Transgender/Transitioning."

Hallmark has been offering the card selection for transgender persons since 2015. However, it was only recently that the public took notice, owing to a tweet that went viral. The tweet was posted by someone who stumbled upon gender transitioning Hallmark cards at a store.

"We know how increasingly diverse our connections to each other are, and we're here to help people express love, celebration, support or recognition in a wide range of situations," Hallmark's spokesperson said.

On its website, Hallmark features the selection under 'LGBTQIA,' saying the cards were "crafted to capture the colorful, inspiring LGBTQIA community in all of its shapes and forms."

"Your identity is who you are. Wear it proudly, celebrate it with loved ones, and love out loud," the website said. "Regardless of orientation or identity, whether you're in a same-sex relationship or one that transcends labels, we are here to help you celebrate love and milestones with creativity and sincerity."

The cards featured on Hallmark's online store cover various events like anniversaries, weddings, welcoming a new baby and Valentine's day. They also include general cards expressing encouragement and care for transgender persons.

"No matter the occasion or holiday, Hallmark understands that love is love," Hallmark's website said. "We are proud to be an ally and partner in offering heartfelt gestures for this community."

While many people showed appreciation for the greeting card giant's move to include products catering to the LGBTQIA community, others claim the company is cashing in on the transgender issue. Some people also commented that the greeting cards may look cute, but they do not help address the real struggles of transgender persons.

"I'd hate to receive a card that sugarcoated trans struggle," one person tweeted.

"15% of us make under 10k/year but greeting cards are a cool capitalist achievement I guess," another one said.

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